AKVIS Retoucher Tutorial. Torn photo restoration.

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Tutorial: AKVIS Retoucher

Restoration of a torn photo


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Note: This tutorial was created in the old version of Retoucher. Learn here how to use the new version with all its features! Though it processes images in a similar way, new Retoucher offers selection and retouch tools and advanced features.

We will demonstrate you how to use AKVIS Retoucher and Adobe Photoshop tools to restore a torn photo. In addition, the photo is underexposed and we won't pass this defect over.
Original image Result

We will restore this torn black and white photo.

torn black and white photo

First of all we will try to reduce the gap between the two parts of the image. We will use Standard mode Magnetic Lasso Tool to select the lower part of the image.


Then we use the Move Move tool to move the lower part of the image upwards so that it joins the upper part. The gap becomes less visible.

Move the lower part of the image upwards

We crop the white photo frame using the Crop Crop Tool so that the photo has regular borders.

Crop the imageThe photo after Crop Tool

We switch to Quick Mask mode, pressing the button Quick Mask mode in the Toolbox or the hot key Q. We paint over the rupture in Quick Mask using a hard edged pencil or brush.

Select the rupture in Quick Mask

We switch back to the Standard mode pressing the button Standard mode in the Toolbar or the hot key Q, and invert the selection by calling the command Select-Inverse from the menu or by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Shift+I.

Now we can launch the program AKVIS Retoucher (Filter - Akvis- Retoucher) to restore the rupture line.

AKVIS Retoucher

After Akvis Retoucher application the rupture line disappears but you can note a slight trace of the defect. To cover up the traces of retouching we will use Adobe Photoshop tools.

Photo after restoration with AKVIS Retoucher

First we call the command Image - Mode - Grayscale to temporarily convert the image into grayscale. Later we will switch back to the original color range.

Grayscale image

To continue editing the photo we convert it into RGB mode (Image - Mode - RGB).

Then we adjust the color rendering by using the command Image - Adjustments - Curves so that the image becomes brighter.

 Curves dialogue box
Exposure correction

We use Blur Tool Blur Tool and Clon Stamp Tool Clone Stamp to remove the rupture trace and the stain above the girl.

Background retouching

Now we can restore the initial color range. We open Hue/Saturation (Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation) dialogue box. We set new values for the parameters Hue (34) and Saturation (9) and activate the check box Colorize .

Hue/Saturation dialogue box

After all these manipulations we get a restored photo without a trace of ruptures and stains and with an enhanced exposure.

the restored photo
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