Remove Digital Photo Noise After Lightening Dark Photos

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Tutoriel : AKVIS Noise Buster

Lightening dark photos


Désolé, à présent cette information n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
La version française sera bientôt affichée.

The author of this tutorial is Nur Roy. He writes:

"If you take a photo under dim light, there is a good chance you will have noise on your image. Sometimes our digital images look dirty, not good for printing because of noise problems. No one likes to print fuzzy images.

However you can still save these images by using noise removal software.

In this example I used AKVIS Noise Buster, an Adobe PhotoShop compatible plug-in.

Original Image Result
Original Image Result

Click on the images to open larger variants

  • Step 1. I opened the photo by using Adobe PhotoShop. It was a dark image. First I wanted to adjust the lighting. You may use Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Exposure or Shadows/Highlights in RGB mode to balance your colors. I used the Shadows/Highlights option because it gives a better result with this image.
    Adobe Photoshop Window

    I set the Shadows/Highlights settings to Shadows = 50%, Highlights = 10%.

  • Step 2. After lightening the photo, the noise became very obvious. Therefore, I had to smooth the texture of the image and reduce the noise.

    There are two types of noise on images. Luminance noise, which appears as various grainy pixels, and chroma (color) noise. Color noise can be seen as random red and blue pixels on the image.

    Before Noise Reduction

    AKVIS Noise Buster reduces both luminance and color noise on digital images.

    I chose the AKVIS Noise Buster plug-in from the Filter menu. When you click on the plug-in, it opens the image within its own window.

    AKVIS Noise Buster Window
  • Step 3. You can choose the Auto Filtering preset or your own settings. You can preview your changes and then apply them all at once. Press to process the entire image.
    After Noise Reduction

    When AKVIS Noise Buster makes changes to a large photo, it works a bit slowly, but that can be expected for the amount of work.

    Next press to apply the changes.

Here you can you can see how the photo looks after processing.


In my opinion AKVIS Noise Buster software is easy to use and worth buying in order to save your bad looking photos!"

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