AKVIS Sketch Video: Pencil Drawing Effect Presets

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Tutorial: AKVIS Sketch Video

Pencil Drawing Effect Presets


User Presets

You can save your favorite settings of AKVIS Sketch Video as a preset.

    In Adobe After Effects: select the desired effect in the panel, call Animation -> Save Animation Preset… and choose a name and a destination folder. New user effects will appear in the Effects & Presets panel under *Animation Preset -> User presets.

    In Adobe Premiere: select the effect, choose Save preset… with a right mouse click, and enter its name. New user effects will appear in the Effects panel under Presets.

Saving Presets


AKVIS Presets

A number of the ready to use AKVIS presets comes with the plugin. After the installation of the Windows-version they appear in the Effects list.

    In Adobe After Effects: find the AKVIS presets in Effects & Presets -> *Animation Preset -> Presets -> Sketch Video Classic/Artistic.

AKVIS Presets


You can import the AKVIS presets manually.

In Adobe After Effects:

  1. Copy 4K, HD, SD folders with the .ffx files into the Presets folder:

    Windows: from Program Files\AKVIS\Sketch Video\After Effects Presets\Classic (Artistic)
    in Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\Presets\Sketch Video Classic (Artistic);

    Mac: from the dmg file in Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2018/Presets/Sketch Video Classic (Artistic).

  2. Choose Refresh List to reload the list of the effects in the editor.

In Adobe Premiere:

  1. Select Install Presets (or Import Presets) in the Effects context menu of the editor.
  2. Choose the SketchVideoClassic.prfpset and SketchVideoArtistic.prfpset files:

    Windows: from Program Files\AKVIS\Sketch Video\Premiere Presets;

    Mac: from the dmg file.

    The AKVIS presets will appear in the Effects panel, in the Presets -> Sketch Video Classic (Artistic) folder.

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