AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin Installation & Activation

Plugin Installation & Activation

The AKVIS Sketch Video plugin is compatible with the video editors: Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Find below the paths for each.


AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin Installation:


AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin Activation:

You can use each version of the program during the 30-day trial period without registration.

When you use the unregistered plugin, the result will be protected with a watermark sign. After the activation the watermark disappears.

Unregistered Version


To start the activation process, click on Options… in After Effects, on the Setup icon in Premiere Pro, to the right of the plugin's name.



Enter your name and your serial number for the plugin, and click on ACTIVATE.

Plugin Activation

The plugin will be registered to your name.

Registered Version


Attention! During the activation process your computer must be connected to Internet. If it is not possible, we offer you an alternative way:

Choose Send a request by e-mail to create a message with all necessary information. Transfer the activation message to a computer connected to Internet, for example, with a USB stick, and send to activate@akvis.com. We will send you a license file (.lic).

Save the .lic file (do not open it!) to your computer where you want to activate the plugin, in the AKVIS folder in Users’ Shared (Public) Documents. More…


If you have questions or problems, please contact us at support@akvis.com.


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