Beautiful Bride in the Autumn Park - Pointillism Art Collage

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Tutorial: AKVIS Points

Beautiful Bride in the Autumn Park


The author of the tutorial is Alexandr Ilyin, Russia.

Alexandr learned about the new AKVIS Points program and immediately wanted to look at its capabilities. He selected two images from his photo collection: a picture of a park in autumn and a portrait of a young wedding couple. He decided to combine these images into a collage and make a painting of a beautiful bride in the pointillism style.

Original Image Result

  • Step 1. The autumn landscape photo is nice but lacks characters, and better in gorgeous costumes. Wedding photos are always inspiring and elegant. We will add a bride to the first picture to make something special.

    Combine two photos in AKVIS Chameleon, in Montage mode. Open the landscape as a background and the portrait as a second image to insert.

    AKVIS Chameleon
    AKVIS Chameleon

    Select the bride with the blue pencil and mark the other parts, to drop out, with red.


    Click on to make a collage.

  • Step 2. Open the collage in AKVIS Points and adjust the effect settings.

    Pointillism Painting
    Pointillism Painting
    (Click on the image to open a large copy)
How It Works How It Works
   — Workspace — Workspace
   — Using the Program — Using the Program
   — Pointillism  Effect — Pointillism Effect
   — Timeline — Timeline
   — Toolbar — Toolbar
   — Canvas — Canvas
   — Frames — Frames
   — Text — Text
   — Presets — Presets
   — Preferences — Preferences
   — Batch Processing — Batch Processing
Examples Examples
   — Sunny Morning Landscape — Sunny Morning Landscape
   — Beautiful Bride in the Autumn Park — Beautiful Bride in the Autumn Park


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