AKVIS OilPaint: What's New in Version 4.0

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OilPaint v.7.0

Oil Painting Effect

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What's New in Version 4.0

Version 4.0 provides an improved photo to painting conversion algorithm.

    AKVIS OilPaint 4.0


  • Real Brush Effect

    The new version generates authentic brush strokes. The textured and realistic strokes created by the program are now even more close to the real brush than ever. The hand-drawn effect has been strengthened that enables to produce a spectacular oil painting surface.

    AKVIS OilPaint 3.0AKVIS OilPaint 4.0
    Version 3.0Version 4.0

  • Wide Brush Strokes

    The program now finds uniform areas and lets a user process them with wider brush strokes, which is helpful for obtaining more realistic results on backgrounds and when creating close-up portraits.

    AKVIS OilPaint 3.0AKVIS OilPaint 4.0
    Version 3.0Version 4.0

    The Settings Panel in the program has been changed accordingly: the Stroke Intensity parameter has been considerably enhanced, it now combines the effect of Intensity and Relief; the new Wide Background Strokes and Random Strokes parameters have been added.

  • New Presets

    The new version includes an updated list of the ready to use presets created with the improved algorithm. Now the program comes with 47 presets.

  • Watermark

    New features of the Text tab allow users add watermarks to paintings which can be used to protect their works, as well as to promote brands and products.

  • Improved Print Options

    It's now possible to print high resolution images on multiple pages to get professional-quality posters.

  • Also in the new version:

    Fixed minor bugs, fixed some compatibility problems, added the possibility to search for fonts by typing in the list in the Text tab, support for more RAW files, and other changes.

You can upgrade to the latest version for only $14.95.

Read how to update to the new version.

AKVIS OilPaint
Oil Painting Effect


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