Batch Processing with AKVIS MakeUp Plugin in Photoshop

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Tutorial: AKVIS MakeUp

Batch Processing with AKVIS MakeUp Plugin in Photoshop


The plugin version of AKVIS MakeUp supports batch processing as well. It's the possibility to apply the filter to a series of photos.

Batch processing is very useful and time saving when you have to correct a number of photos taken with the same camera settings in similar circumstances. This method applies the same settings of AKVIS MakeUp to a folder full of images. So you won't need to fix every photo separately.

Even if you have never used batch processing you will find no difficulties in understanding it. First you create an Action wit the MakeUp plugin in Photoshop, and then apply it to a photo folder.

  • Step 1. First of all we should create two new folders, say "Model-original" and "Model-makeup". Put photos for editing into the "Model-original" folder. Edited photos will be saved in the "Model-makeup" folder.
  • Step 2. Open one of the original photos in Adobe Photoshop. We will use this photo to adjust AKVIS MakeUp's settings and create an action.

    One of Photos
  • Step 3. Open the Actions palette and click Create New Set button. In the dialogue window give a name for a new set of actions, for example, AKVIS Actions.

    Actions Palette
    Actions Palette
  • Step 4. Now we should record the new action. Press Create New Action button and in the dialogue window give a name to the new action, for example, MakeUp.

    New Action
    New Action

    On pressing the Record button, the recording of the action will immediately start.

    Actions palette
  • Step 5. Let's call AKVIS MakeUp plug-in and set optimal parameters.

    AKVIS MakeUp window with chosen parameters
  • Step 6. Press the button . The plug-in window will close and in the Photoshop workspace we'll see the edited photo. In the Actions palette in MakeUp action you will see a new line - AKVIS MakeUp.

    Actions palette: MakeUp
  • Step 7. Remember that the action is still being recorded. In the meantime we should save the edited photo. To do it choose Save As in the File menu and save the image into the "Model-makeup" folder.
  • Step 8. Stop the action recording by pressing Stop playing/recording at the bottom of the Actions palette.

    Action recording is stopped
  • Step 9. Delete the file that we have just saved in the "Model-makeup" folder.
  • Step 10. The action is created and we can proceed to batch processing of the photos. In the File menu of the editor choose Automate -> Batch.
  • Step 11. In the Batch dialog window enter all data and set the parameters.
    • In the Set drop down combo box choose "AKVIS Actions" entry and in Action combo box - "MakeUp".
    • The Source combo box serves to indicate the source folder. Choose the Folder entry that points to a particular folder. Press the Choose button and choose the "Model-original" folder.
    • As we did not record the "Open file" command into the action, the Override Action "Open" Commands checkbox should be deactivated.
    • In Destination combo box select Folder entry and after pressing the Choose button select the "Model-makeup" folder.
    • Activate Override Action "Save as" Commands checkbox.
    • In the File Naming section the filenames structure for the edited files is created. We do not want to change the filenames, so in the first combo box we choose Document Name, and in the second - extension.

    Batch dialogue box with settings
  • Step 12. Everything is ready, you only have to press OK.

    Adobe Photoshop editor will process all photos in the "Model-original" folder one by one and save them to the "Model-makeup" folder. While Photoshop is busy with the batch processing you can do something useful.

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