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Batch Processing with Standalone App


The AKVIS programs support the Batch Processing feature that lets you automatically apply the same settings to a series of images and saves you time and efforts.

It is extremely useful when creating a number of illustrations at the same style for a blog or a booklet, when correcting similar defects on pictures, or when processing all frames of video.

All you need to do is to create a Preset in the AKVIS program (or use one of the AKVIS built-in presets) and apply it to a folder with your pictures.

Follow these steps (take AKVIS Neon for an example):

  • Step 1. Start the program and open one of the photos.
  • Step 2. Adjust the parameters for this image. Since these settings should be applied to all photos in the series, they should be saved as a Preset.

    AKVIS Neon Workspace
  • Step 3. Click on the button to open the Batch Processing dialog window.

    Batch Processing Window in AKVIS Neon

    Here you can adjust the options to process the images with one of the presets.

    In the Source Folder field choose the folder which contains the photos to be processed.

    In the Target Folder choose the folder where the processed photos will be saved.

    You can check Include All Subfolders to process all images in all subfolders of the selected folder (keeping the structure).

    Next, select your Preset, and choose the format and image quality of the saved files in the Save As list.

    Press Start to run batch processing of the pictures.

    Batch Processing Series of Photos
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