Results of Creative Contest: New Year Collage, Four Seasons, Greet Santa Claus

New Year Contests


December 30, 2008

Today we are summing up the results of AKVIS New Year Contest!

The contest started in November. Read more about the terms and conditions here.

We are glad to announce the names of the winners!


Nomination "New Year Collage"

There are two best works in this nomination:

the new year card by Johan Vanhauwaert (Flanders) and the collage by Angie Wilken (South Africa).

Johan took one of our pictures and added some pictures in Adobe Photoshop.
He used the plugins AKVIS Stamp and AKVIS Sketch.

Angie used several pictures offered for the collage and many AKVIS plugins:
AKVIS Enhancer, AKVIS LightShop, AKVIS Sketch, AKVIS ArtWork, AKVIS ArtSuite.


Nomination "Four Seasons"

The winner is Andrey Blazhin (Russia):

The author used the plugins AKVIS ArtSuite и AKVIS Decorator:

"Just apply the Channel Mixer effect in ArtSuite to replace the green tints with brown colors. And - here you are! - we have an autumn landscape.
Then use Decorator to add the icy texture. Then lighten the foreground in Photoshop using the Dodge tool. And - here is the winter!"


Nomination "Greet Santa Claus!"

The winner is Gordon Sisson (Canada). He turned himself to Santa Claus.

Gordon used AKVIS Chameleon plugin in the Montage mode.


The winners receive licenses to AKVIS software they used when creating their works.

We will make tutorials using these and other works to help our users learn more about AKVIS programs.


Happy New Year!!!!
Our best wishes for the Holidays!