Charcoal, Chalk, Sanguine Drawings with AKVIS Charcoal

Gallery of Works: Charcoal, Chalk, Sanguine Drawings

Charcoal, chalk, sanguine are the most ancient drawing materials which were used even by our primitive ancestors for decorating their places. Until now these tools have not lost their relevance, and they are quite popular among professional artists and amateurs.

With AKVIS Charcoal you can turn your photo into a drawing made with charcoal on colored paper, or with chalk on the pavement. You can use both materials to create spectacular artworks. Playing with colors and options, you can get a lot of variants of photo to drawing conversion.

Look at these drawings created from photographs:


Charcoal Drawing (Charcoal is black, Chalk is disabled):

Chalk Drawing (Charcoal is disabled, Chalk is white):

Charcoal and Chalk Drawing (Charcoal is dark blue, Chalk is light yellow):

Sanguine Drawing (Charcoal is red-brown, Chalk is disabled):


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