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ArtSuite v.10.5

Frames and Effects for Your Photos

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Frames for Photos

With AKVIS ArtSuite it's not only possible to create frames from samples, but also to apply Hand Painted Frames. These ready to use frames are high quality images with holes of any shape, in which to place photos. They are only available in the standalone program (the plugin cannot use such images in ArtSuite, since it changes the size of images).

The software lets you easily frame your photographs! Just place a photo into a frame, and press the Run button; the edges will be smoothed and hidden to fit the frame, and you will get a stylish and impressive framed picture.

For a small fee, we offer extra theme packs of ready to use frames. These templates are focused on a specific topic, they are intended for professionals, as well as those who are interested in quality design photo frames. Besides themed collections, a free set of frames for any occasion is available for download at no charge.

You can order all frame packs in one step here! »»» (You'll need ArtSuite to use them).

We offer these packs of designer photo frames:

  • School Pack

    50 excellent high quality picture frames for your school photos!

    Each family archive has school photos. These shots represent precious memories of your first teacher, of all successes and disappointments, of the best friends and the first love… all special moments of your school life!

    With our excellent frames you can easily create beautifully decorated pictures. You can arrange junior and senior photos, make a great gift for a teacher, or prepare an invitation to a meeting of graduates.

    These bright ready-to-use frames are suitable for decoration of both individual and group portraits; all of them are designed for a landscape format and all together compose a wonderful photo book.

    School Pack School Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: School Pack ($ 15)


  • Easter Pack

    50 hand painted frames of super quality with the Easter decorations to embellish your holiday photos!

    Easter is an ancient holiday related not only to the Christian traditions, but also to the renewal of nature and the return of spring; it is a celebration of life, fertility, and prosperity.

    This frame collection will help to make the Easter holiday special and unforgettable for kids and adults. Light and delicate, cute and elegant frames perfectly reflect the general spirit of Easter.

    On these stunning bright designs you will find the main Easter symbols: colorful eggs, lovely chicks and bunnies, and blooming flowers. Use these frames to decorate your photos and selfies, and prepare exclusive postcards. Enjoy this beautiful holiday with your family and friends! Happy Easter!

    Easter Pack Easter Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Easter Pack ($ 15)


  • Pets Pack

    60 hand painted frames of excellent quality for photographs of your pets.

    We feel deep affection towards our cats, dogs, fish, parrots, and other pets, we pamper them and treat them like full members of our family. We like to share their photos with friends, we set them as wallpaper on a phone screen or just put on a bookshelf.

    This unique set of frames is designed specifically for pictures of domestic animals and pets. You can frame photos of your pet with nature decorations, surround it by furry and feathered friends, by its favorite toys, food and treats.

    The field of application of the frames extends beyond pets images. These funny, lively, amusing designs can be used for decorating any photos, for example, for pictures of your baby or shots from a themed party; or for preparing invitations to exhibitions, tradeshows, and fairs.

    Pets Pack Pets Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Pets Pack ($ 15)


  • Communion & Confirmation

    50 hand painted frames of super quality.

    The sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation are important milestones on the route to becoming an adult. Joyful excitement, solemn church ceremony, festive clothes and decorations put everybody in a thoughtful and contemplative mood. The whole family will remember this event for years to come!

    AKVIS frames help you capture the most precious moments. You can create unique invitations, table plans and menu cards as well as decoration elements and greeting cards or even make a photo book.

    Don't let your memories fade away!

    Communion & Confirmation Communion & Confirmation

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Communion & Confirmation ($ 15)


  • Beauty Pack

    50 hand painted frames of super quality.

    Welcome to the secret world of girls and women, the world of dreams and splendor, natural chic, cosmetics, fashion accessories and jewelry! With the brilliant, catchy, gorgeous frames you can create a look of a modern princess and a true lady.

    Use these stylish frames to decorate your blog or photo album. An elegant accompaniment will add some special thrill to an ordinary picture and make unforgettable your wedding photo.

    Beauty Pack Beauty Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Beauty Pack ($ 15)


  • Wedding Pack

    50 high resolution, hand painted frames.

    A wedding is one of the most important, remarkable events in a person's life! The happy couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen, closest friends and family… Every moment of the exciting and joyous celebration is photographed!

    Frame your wedding photos! Put the happiest moment of your life in a beautifully designed frame.


    Wedding Pack Wedding Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Wedding Pack ($ 15)


  • Baby Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    All parents adore to take pictures of their little kids.

    Keep the most precious moments! Decorate your baby's photos with these colorful frames. The ready-to-use photo frames created by professional artists will make every photo of your child charming and unforgettable!

    Baby Pack Baby Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Baby Pack ($ 15)


  • Spring Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    Greeting the Spring season, refreshing and incentive! It means beginning, rebirth and rejuvenation. At this glorious time full of blossoms we celebrate wonderful festivals such as Carnival and Easter.

    Our frames make you feel nature's great awakening, warm rays of the sun, exciting scent of the spring, and love in the air, and hear songs of birds.

    Spring Pack Spring Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Spring Pack ($ 12)


  • Summer Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality with bright and saturated colors.

    Summer is the favorite season for many kids and adults. Beautiful field and garden flowers, ripe berries, fluttering butterflies, rich grass and leaves, golden sand, shining sun and blue azure sky will serve as a stunning addition to summer photos.

    Take advantage of our gorgeous frames to see the happy faces of your loved ones in a worthwhile design!

    Summer Pack Summer Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Summer Pack ($ 12)


  • Autumn Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    Autumn is a really beautiful time, gorgeous and a bit melancholic. Leaves turn yellow and red, purple and brown, come falling down creating a wonderful natural carpet. It is the season of the harvest and Thanksgiving, the time to gather nature’s bounty.

    With these bright awesome frames you can enjoy the beauty of Autumn over the year!

    Autumn Pack Autumn Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Autumn Pack ($ 12)


  • Winter Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. These beautiful photo frames will take you into a magical winter dream! Feel the cold and celebratory winter beauty with sparkling snowflakes and snow covered branches, in the company of snowmen and beasts of the forest.

    Winter Pack Winter Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Winter Pack ($ 12)


  • Pirates World

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    Get inspired by our lovely set of frames for kids and adults! 50 breathtaking images, both realistic and cartoon style, will help you to decorate your photos in a special way. You can make a themed album or prepare pirate party invitations.

    Welcome to the fantastic and legendary Pirates World! Fall into a life full of adventure and danger, with lost treasure chests, mysterious maps, ominous ships and sea monsters. Treasure hunting starts now!

    Pirates World Pirates World

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Pirates World ($ 15)


  • Sports Pack

    The Sports Pack contains 75 hand painted, high quality frames!

    These are the ideal choice for framing your cherished sports memories. Relive the exciting moments of your children's sporting adventures, in little league baseball, soccer, football, martial arts, and more! Your son or daughter will be thrilled to hang them on their bedroom walls. Capture your memory of the winning moment of your favorite professional or college football team's championship.

    Sports Pack Sports Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Sports Pack ($ 17)


  • Horror Pack

    50 hand painted frames for those who enjoy exciting experiences and crave for bright emotions.

    Vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, demons, witches, and other colorful characters, both frightening and attractive, today come out of the shadows and gain more and more popularity.

    These unique frames will help you to prepare a collection of spectacular Halloween party images, decorate pictures from a costume photo session or from a meeting of fans of horror movies and games, and let you create totally amazing posters and invitations.

    Horror Pack Horror Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Horror Pack ($ 15)


  • Halloween Pack

    50 hand painted frames of excellent quality.

    Halloween is one of the most mysterious festivals in the world. It is celebrated on October 31, in the eve of All Saints' Day, when the evil spirits are released for a night. It is time for decorating your home with scary things like grave stones, skulls, bones, and spiders; it is time when kids are walking in monster costumes and asking "Trick or Treat?", time of glowing pumpkin heads, caramel apples and horror parties.

    Fall into the world of ancient legends and horror stories with our Halloween frames!

    Halloween Pack Halloween Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Halloween Pack ($ 15)


  • Saint Valentine Pack

    50 high quality hand painted frames decorated with hearts and flowers!

    This pack is designed for those in love and for those who want to make an original gift for their family and friends. These frames are sure to bring warmth to your most special photos.

    The happiest moment of your life in a beautifully designed frame. You can use them to frame photos for your wedding anniversary or of a loved one.

    Saint Valentine Pack Saint Valentine Pack

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Saint Valentine Pack ($ 12)


  • Chinese Horoscope

    60 hand painted frames of excellent quality with 12 Chinese zodiac animals, 5 images for each.

    In Oriental Horoscope, every year within the twelve-year cycle is symbolized by a certain animal. The Chinese Zodiac signs are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

    Use our stylish frames to decorate your pictures, prepare a poster or a greeting card. Feel the ancient wisdom and beauty of the East!

    Chinese Horoscope Chinese Horoscope

    You can take a look at all frames here.

    Order Now: Chinese Horoscope ($ 15)


You can order all frame packs in one step here!


Remember! These frames can only be used with AKVIS ArtSuite, and only in the standalone program, not the plugin!

Each frame pack is a zip file. Copy it to a folder selected in the preferences of ArtSuite. Do not open the file yourself! It will only work in ArtSuite (Standalone).

After payment you will receive a link to the frame pack (as a *.zip file) and a license number for registering the pack.

Only after registration will the frames be available to use. See the instructions.

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