Design Your Own T-Shirt with AKVIS AirBrush

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Tutorial: AKVIS AirBrush

Design Your Own T-Shirt


AKVIS AirBrush lets creating amazing artistic illustrations. With the program you can also make an unique design for your T-Shirt or for a coffee mug, or just a poster.

Original Image Result
Original Image Result

The virtual T-shirts designs can be used for online stores and web projects. To make a real T-shirt, just print the image processed with AirBrush on a special transfer paper and iron it, or use one of the printing services.


In this tutorial we use the plugin version of AKVIS AirBrush with AliveColors.

  • Step 1. Open an image in AliveColors and create a copy of the layer (Layers -> Duplicate).
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS AirBrush plugin (Effects -> AKVIS -> AirBrush).

    In the quick preview area you will see a part of the image processed with the default settings.

    AKVIS AirBrush Workspace
    AKVIS AirBrush Workspace
  • Step 3. Choose one of the presets or adjust the settings to your liking. We want to get an expressive image.

    Adjust Settings
    Adjust Settings
  • Step 4. Press to process the entire image, then to apply the result and return to AliveColors.

    Result of Processing in AKVIS AirBrush
    Result of Processing in AKVIS AirBrush
  • Step 5. To increase the image area use the command: Image -> Canvas Size.

    Activate the Smudge and apply it for smoothing the edges of the drawing (the hat, the arm, and the bottom part of the shirt).

    After Applying the Smudge Tool
    After Applying the Smudge Tool
  • Step 6. Open a picture with a white T-shirt. Put the design on the T-shirt and select the Multiply blend mode.

    White T-Shirt Design
    White T-Shirt Design
  • Step 7. If you want to make the image more contrasting, without shades of gray, you can apply the Threshold effect: Image -> Adjustment -> Threshold.

    For example, take another photo:

    AirBrush Result With Threshold
    After AirBrush Using Threshold

    This design can be placed into a black T-shirt. Change the blend mode to Screen. You can add some text to your image.

    Black T-Shirt Design
    Black T-Shirt Design with Text

    These exclusive custom T-Shirts will surely delight your friends!

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