Summer Twilight: Creating An Image With High Dynamic Range

Summer Twilight: Creating a HDRI Landscape With a Series of Photos

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The photos for this tutorial were provided by Johan Jensen, Denmark.

When taking pictures in the late evening you are always confronted with the same problem: all shadows and dimly lit areas appear as one black splotch. Only brightly lit areas are visible (such as the sky or a body of water).

If you want a well-done photo of an evening landscape, take a series of photos at different exposures, and combine them into an HDR Image. To get the best result use AKVIS HDRFactory.

Original images:

Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image


Result After Processing With HDRI Technology

Note: You can watch a video tutorial made by Johan Jensen here, or download the avi file from here.

Also you can download an archive of the original photos used in this tutorial.


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