Brighten up Christmas Market with AKVIS Enhancer

Brighten up Christmas Market

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Christmas is the time of present-giving. People go shopping and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at fairy-tale Christmas Markets that are usually organized in the center of the old town. They sell candied fruit and serve punch and mulled wine there. There is a smell of spice-cakes and gingerbread. The stalls are decorated with garlands and colorful lights.

The following photo was taken in a Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main in 2005. It was corrected in AKVIS Enhancer.

Original Photo Enhancement Result
Before After
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To correct the photo, activate Improve Detail mode in AKVIS Enhancer and select one of the built-in presets or adjust the settings as you wish.

Here is our result:

Photo Correction in AKVIS Enhancer
Photo Correction in AKVIS Enhancer
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