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Akvis Retoucher Review - Is It the Right Tool for You?

(MSPowerUser, 1/2024)

Looking for a detailed Akvis Retoucher review? This photo editing software automatically removes imperfections, scratches, and unwanted elements from digital images.

It uses advanced algorithms to analyze surrounding pixels and reconstructs missing parts, seamlessly blending them into the existing image.

In this review, I’ll explain how Akvis Retoucher works and its main features. Keep reading to find out if it’s the right photo restoration app for you.


Akvis Retoucher has a wide variety of photo editing and restoration features. You can remove creases from a scanned photo or edit out a huge obstruction in your beautiful landscape photo, among other things. <...>


Akvis Retoucher is a useful software that can clean up those old rough pictures of your grandparents. It focuses on restoring photos and doesn’t clutter itself with useless editing features.


Les meilleures IA pour retoucher vos vieilles photos

(InformatiqueNews, 12/2022)

Le logiciel supprime les ratures, les plis, les rayures, les tâches et peut même recréer de la matière pour reconstruire des éléments très abimés tout en renforçant le piqué et le contraste.


Top 10 AI Photo Restoration Software and AI-Powered Tools Review in 2021

(TopTen AI, 1/2021)

Many of us have old photos in our album and they remind us of our sweet memories, especially on Thanksgiving Day. However, one problem you cannot overlook is that these antique photos have many defects. Due to the limit of digital photography, they suffered from scratches, fractures, scuffs, and even holes. These imperfections make them less appealing in this modern world because we have been used to high-quality and clear images.

AKVIS Retoucher becomes a good alternative to AI-powered products in old photo restoration. This software can be used to get rid of date stamps and any unwanted details like cups. It claims to restore the missing areas of an old photo based on the information of the surrounding parts.


AKVIS Retoucher v10.0

(Pixelmania, 9/2020)

AKVIS Retoucher verwijdert op wonderlijk efficiënte wijze krassen, vlekken en andere defecten uit jouw oude analoge opnamen. Ook als dat scans van oude, geknakte familiefoto’s zijn. Je kunt er ook ongewenste objecten mee verwijderen of ontbrekende onderdelen reconstrueren, zoals een te krappe uitsnede. De meeste acties worden geheel automatisch uitgevoerd, zodat je geen Photoshop-expert hoeft te zijn om een beeld perfect te maken.


AKVIS Retoucher

(Sorin Apostol, Softpedia, 3/2019)

AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient and easy to use software application that allows you to restore damaged photographs close to their original state.

The application comes in a modern and very easy to use graphic interface, with a neatly organized layout which allows you to have a great overview of your on-going project.

AKVIS Retoucher allows you to remove the scratches, stains, stamps or other distracting details, and also, to reconstruct the missing parts.

Although simple and easy to use, with AKVIS Retoucher you can professionally restore old or damaged pictures by removing the distracting details and repairing the defects without the requirement of advanced graphic editing knowledge.


6 Best Old Photo Restoration Software to Save Amazing Memories

(WindowsReport, Kenneth Kimari, 10/2018)

If your old photos have incurred any form of damages that cause them to fade, there is hope of restoring their glory through black and white photo restoration software.

These are tools that help to restore photos by removing scratches, stains, and make them look new again.

Photo restoration software can also rejuvenate photos by removing skin defects or by improving appearance. In this article, we are going to discuss the various utilities that you can use to restore glory to your old photos.


Best Photo Restoration Software for Restoring Old Photos in 2018

(Wondershare, Liza Brown, 2018)

You can either use AKVIS Retoucher as a standalone program or as a plugin for photo editing software, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Elements. However, the functionality of the software depends on the type of the license you have. In either case, the process of mending an old photo is simple and it doesn't take too much time. You only have to select the areas you want to repair and hit the Run button, and the program will automatically erase stains or even missing parts of the picture.


AKVIS Retoucher - Xử lý và khôi phục ảnh cũ

(taimienphi.vn, Diệu Hương Giang, 08/2018)

Phần mềm AKVIS Retoucher sử dụng những công nghệ hiện đại trong xử lý ảnh giúp những bức ảnh rách nát hoặc bị lỗi do Scan, hay những loại ảnh bị trầy xước, vết bẩn, đường kẻ ngang hoặc loang lỗ do để lâu ngày thành những bức ảnh sắc nét hơn.


Retoucher: Eingescannte Fotos reparieren

(CHIP, 04/2017)
"Zerissene oder zerknickte Fotos gehören ab sofort der Vergangenheit an.
Dank Retoucher beleben Sie alte Fotografien und Erinnerungen wieder."

Michael Humpa | CHIP Software-Redaktion

Das Bildbearbeitungs-Plug-in Retoucher belebt alte Bilder mit neuem Glanz.

So können Sie mit Retoucher eingescannte Fotos optimieren, die mit Rissen, Knicken oder störenden Gegenständen versehen sind. Diese verschwinden wie von Geisterhand und als Ergebnis sehen Sie ein völlig neu wirkendes Bild.

Dabei kommt Retoucher mit den gängigsten Bildbearbeitern, wie "Adobe Photoshop" oder "Corel Paint Shop Pro", zurecht.


AKVIS Retoucher V.8.1

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Retoucher V.8.1, available both a plug-in and standalone, is a powerful image restoration program that is capable of eliminating picture flaws due to aging, improper processing, mishandling, and environmental damage. The program effectively and efficiently removes dust, spots, scratches, and stains; and incredibly, reconstructing missing areas by using the available data from adjacent areas. It ca also remove unwanted image elements, such as phone wires and poles, trash cans, date stamps, and photo bombs.


AKVIS Retoucher 8.1

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 01/2017)

As with the other AKVIS programs I have referenced and written about, Retoucher 8.1 is a powerfully useful and entertaining piece of software. The interface invites exploration and experimentation. <...> If you have ever spent (or wasted) hours in an effort to fix up old black and white scanned photographs that were torn, scratched, folded or immersed in water you will be able to appreciate Retoucher. AKVIS Retoucher not only removes dust, scratches, stains and other defects that appear on damaged photos but is also able to reconstruct missing parts of a photo using the information of the surrounding areas. The work is done automatically; you only have to indicate areas to be restored, push the Run button, and here you are - the surface becomes smooth and imperfections disappear. And for digital images that are picture perfect except for one glaring detail, like a wire across a scene or something nasty in the background, Retoucher can be invoked to quickly isolate and remove the offending feature or object, and provide the cloning tools for replacing it with a fair approximation of what might lie behind it. You could spend hours with Photoshop or minutes with Retoucher.


AKVIS Retoucher V.8.0

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Retoucher V.8.0, available both as a Photoshop-compatible plug-in, and as a standalone application, provides the tools for restoring and retouching photos that are degraded by dust, scratches, stains, folds, tears, and other deformities. In addition, the program is capable of reconstructing missing areas provided that sufficient visual information is available in surrounding areas.


Mac App Review: Akvis Retoucher

(Stephen Ashby, iCreate, 04/2011)

Many plug-ins restore prints. We find out what Retoucher brings to the market

The automatic modes are what make this app very valuable. Using a simple brush stroke to highlight an area and having the software do the rest is the reason we love computers...


Akvis Retoucher 5.0, aggiornato il tool per il restauro fotografico

(Mauro Notarianni, Macity, 04/2011)

Nuova versione di Retoucher, un tool di semplice utilizzo per la rimozione di polvere, graffi e macchie dalle immagini. Grazie a particolari algoritmi il programma è in grado di rimuovere digitalmente problemi e imperfezioni di vecchie fotografie come polvere, graffi, oggetti non desiderati.



(Jimmy Hayes, iCreate, 11/2010)

Breath new life into old photos

Restoration plug-ins may not be new, but the ease with which they operate is steadily becoming more accessible to the entry-level market, and the range of what they can do is greatly accelerating. Retoucher from AKVIS is one such product that aims to present a comprehensive retouching tool in a simplistic platform.

Retoucher is capable of removing dust, scratches, stains and other defects on damaged photos by reconstructing missing areas of the photo, utilising the image information of surrounding pixels. However, now its fourth version, AKVIS boasts ‘massive’ improvements with the addition of a second major feature: the ability to remove entire objects from the scene...


Remove Scratches and Stains from Digital Photos with AKVIS Retoucher

(brighthub.com, Michele McDonough, 2/2009)

AKVIS Retoucher is a restoration plugin compatible with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. In addition to its digital photograph restoration abilities, Retoucher is also capable of removing unwanted items like date stamps.
The performance of AKVIS Retoucher is extremely impressive, and it’s one of the easiest plugins to use on the market today.


AKVIS Retoucher

(Josh, Nerd-Life)

...It was yet again another plugin that stated that it could help you fix old photographs and make my life easier. I liked the way the screenshots looked, so I gave it a try. It was really easy to get around once you had it started. You picture basically opens in a little screen. Much like being in Quick Mask mode, you just draw (with red ink) over the spots you want to be "healed". Once your done coloring all the spots, blemishes, text or whatever. You click the play button and watch as the red, along with your blemishes, dissapear.
I was honestly quite shocked at how well this plugin worked. It really sped up the time that I work on these photographs...


Retoucher & Chameleon

(Club Mac of Hampton, 05/2005)

...Retouching photographs requires time and a creative eye. There are all sorts of retouching techniques. Indeed, some folks have built their reputation on their ability to retouch and entire books are written on the subject.
Akvis Retoucher aims to eliminate some of the creative eye requirement and some time along the way.
...In use, you select areas that need to be retouched then invoke the Akvis Retoucher filter and click on the Go button. Nothing could be simpler and, in my test, it performed as advertised...


AKVIS Retoucher

(Victoria Maciulski, Conejo Ventura Macintosh Users Group, p.8, 01/2005)

Let’s face it — we all have those old photos with dust, scratches, wrinkles, folds, tears and parts missing. It can take forever to handle these imperfections manually, not to mention some considerable skill with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
With AKVIS Retoucher, you remove defects with a mouse click, saving hours of work...


AKVIS Retoucher

(Raúl Ramírez Sánchez, www.isopixel.net, 01/2005)

Limpiar y retocar una imagen llena de arańazos, e impurezas resulta demasiado tedioso y elaborado, con AKVIS Retoucher ya no más. Con unas cuantas selecciones y un simple clic automáticamente eliminamos distintos defectos como polvo, arańazos, suciedad, rayas y cualquier otro elemento indeseable...


Plug-ins de retouche AKVIS

(GraffitiX, 01/2005)

...Ils ont au nombre de 4. Retoucher va corriger des défauts comme des tâches, des rayures, et même l'élimination de texte ou d'objets...


AKVIS - Retoucher

(PSPUG Staff, 12/2004)

Retouching photographs is often a very slow and tedious process. This plugin provides a tool for a smooth and seamless way to retouch photographs quickly and effectively...


AKVIS Retoucher: 4 1/2 stars

(Tamera Vesta, Pasco Area Computer Users Group)

AKVIS Retoucher is designed to fix images that have big problems. If you have photographs that are old, dusty, ripped, stained, or just plain messed up, this plug-in is for you. Not only does it fix the problems with old pictures, it does it FAST and EASY! Simply select the blemish in your image editor, run the plug-in and poof! Problem fixed. It's truly an amazing and powerful piece of software...


Rejuvenate old photographs with ease

(Paul Rowlingson, "Personal Computer World", www.pcw.co.uk, 8/2004)

A plugin for some of the most popular image editors, Retoucher enables you to clean up old photographs. With it you can remove marks, tears, blemishes, stains, water spots, dust, scratches and much more...


Akvis Retoucher 1.3 by Akvis

(Ken Herbig, The ROCKLAND PC USERS GROUP, 8/2004)

We all have old photos of family, pets and vacations that we would love to preserve. They sit in albums, envelopes and are even laying loose in draws getting scratched, creased and accumulating dirt. Don’t think that they are lost for ever, there is help waiting out there—Akvis Retoucher 1.3...


AKVIS Retoucher - photo retouching plug-in

(Marco Gransee, snapfiles.com WebAttack, 8/4/2004)

AKVIS Retoucher is a Photoshop compatible plugin that can help you restore images, remove scratches, unwanted texts and dates, dust and more. The plugin works with a selection in your Photoshop compatible image editor and offers an automatic process that uses intelligent cloning methods to cover the selected areas, so that they blend into the rest of the image. It is easy to use, and works very well on most image defects. It may require the use of additional Photoshop brushes and techniques in order to add the finishing touches.


AKVIS offers photo-repair plug-in

(Joanne Cummings, GraphicsIQ.com, 7/22/2004)

Designers who store photos for long periods of time may be dismayed by how fast the quality of their images degrades — especially when their storage alternatives are less than adequate.

AKVIS has an answer. The company is releasing a Windows-based plug-in that works with such popular image editing programs as Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo-Paint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and other digital imaging software that accept plug-ins...


AKVIS Retoucher

(Simon Baillie, www.sharewarejunkies.com, 2004)

This is probably the most stunning piece of software I have reviewed. I say that because of the sheer simplicity of its' operation and the superb results it produces.

You simply use the selection tool in your image editor to select all the marks/blemishes etc. in your photo and then activate AKVIS Retoucher. The result is a blemish free photo. There are no settings to make, just do your selections and click, absolutely brilliant. Absolutely anyone could use it.

This is a "must have" for any one who has photos on their PC.