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AKVIS Software Delivery Options


Electronic Software Delivery

You can buy the AKVIS software downloadable from akvis.com.

When your order is processed we will send you a confirmation email with a serial number (license key).

Download the program from our web-site and activate it using your key.

There is no need to pay for download guarantee! You can always access the version you bought.


Physical Delivery

The AKVIS programs are also available for purchase on a USB flash drive for an additional fee.


What are the benefits of USB comparatively to outdated CD/DVD?

USB means: full compatibility, multi-OS support, easy to install and use, modernity and convenience. You can use USB even with a computer without a disc drive in it. USB drives are rewritable, so you can use them many times. A USB can be an amazing gift.


How to order the AKVIS Software on USB?

Select the USB product when you buy a license, in your shopping cart.

In PayPro click on "Add to the order" under Special Offer; in Cleverbridge enable the USB option.

Also, you can choose this product in the store.


We offer two USB products:


AKVIS Software on USB

AKVIS Software & Tutorials on USB - $25

The 16Gb USB Flash Drive contains the setup files for all AKVIS programs, the latest versions for Windows and Mac. You can try the software products during the trial period and you will need license keys to register them. Please order licenses separately.

Also, you can find here the PDF tutorials for the AKVIS products.

Note: All these materials are also available for free at the Download page.


AKVIS Frames on USB

AKVIS Frame Packs on USB - $21

The 8Gb USB Flash Drive contains all AKVIS frames packs and the AKVIS programs (Frames and ArtSuite) to use them.

Only files! You need to buy licenses separately. Note that you can download all these files.



Shipping costs worldwide are included in the listed prices!

Local taxes are not included in the prices and are an additional cost to the buyer.




The USB product will be mailed within 48 hours after payment has been received.

Shipment by mail can take 5 to 14 days in the USA and Canada, and 7 to 14 days in the EU, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mexico. The time of delivery in India, Israel, Africa, Arab States and Russia lasts a bit longer.


If you have not received your parcel within the expected delivery time please contact us.




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