AKVIS AirBrush: What's New in Versions 5.0, 5.1 - Multicolor Mode, Spray Settings, etc.

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AirBrush v.5.1

Airbrushing Techniques on Your Photos

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What's New in Versions 5.0, 5.1

AKVIS AirBrush is powerful software for transforming digital photos into airbrushed works of art. Version 5.0 offers the new Multicolor mode that allows users to choose five colors for creating mesmerizing airbrush paintings. Also, the new Spray parameter group has been added. Realize your full creative potential with AKVIS AirBrush!

    AKVIS AirBrush 5.0


In Version 5.0:

  • NEW: Multicolor Mode

    The new version offers 3 modes: Original Colors, Monochrome, and Multicolor.

    The brand new Multicolor mode allows creating impressive airbrush paintings using five colors corresponding to highlights, midtones, and shadows. The Random option lets you generate surprising and inspiring color combinations in one mouse click. You can easily experiment with settings and create infinite variations of the same image!

    Multicolor Multicolor
  • Spray Effect

    The Noise parameter has been enhanced. The program now offers the new Spray parameter group with the following settings: Intensity, Smoothing, and Angle.

    Spray (Smoothing)
  • New AKVIS Presets

    The new version offers a number of ready-to-use presets designed by professional artists.

  • Interface Improvements

    The software provides more customization options by adding the new Gray interface theme.

    The Dark and Light themes have been improved to be even more user-friendly.

  • Bug Fixes


Version 5.1 is fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2018. The program offers some interface improvements. Additionally, the software provides support for more RAW files and minor bug fixes.


Download the updated version!


Upgrade Information:

It is a free upgrade for recent buyers of AKVIS AirBrush who bought or upgraded this program during the last 12 months. Your key will work with the new version. Just download and re-activate the software.

If your license is older and is not valid for this release, you can get the latest version for only $14.95.

Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.


Attn: Home users:

If you have a regular Home license, you can upgrade it to Home Deluxe or Business by paying only the difference in prices, and get all the Deluxe/Business features (including the new Multicolor Mode and other color adjustment options, the Smudge tool, and the History Brush tool) plus extra 1 Year of Updates for FREE as a bonus!


Changes in previous versions:
- AirBrush 4.0, 4.1
- AirBrush 3.0

AKVIS AirBrush
Airbrush Painting Effect


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