AKVIS HDRFactory For Free: Special Offer

AKVIS HDRFactory 7.6 | 実際よりも明るい画像に!

Special Offer For Enhancer's Users

Only now and only for registered users of AKVIS Enhancer Standalone v.1-11.5 we offer:

AKVIS HDRFactory for free!


You can use this offer if:

In other words, the offer is valid for these licenses: Home Standalone, Home Deluxe, Business.

It does not work for the plugin version or for other software. It won't work for future versions of Enhancer.


How to get a key for HDRFactory:

To do this just enter your AKVIS Enhancer's key and your email where to send a new license key for AKVIS HDRFactory.

Your license will be equal to Enhancer's license: for example, if you have Enhancer Home Deluxe, you will get Home Deluxe license for HDRFactory.