Tips & Tricks For Working With AKVIS NatureArt

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Tutoriel : AKVIS NatureArt

Tips & Tricks For Working With AKVIS NatureArt


Désolé, à présent cette information n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
La version française sera bientôt affichée.

These tricks will help you create various nature effects using AKVIS NatureArt.


  • Autorun Mode. When selecting the presets or adjusting the parameters, it is recommended to enable this function in the program Preferences . This considerably speeds up the time needed for the processing.
    When working with tools (regardless of the effect), it's better to disable the Autorun Mode.


  • Take advantage of ready-to-use presets! For your convenience the program offers a number of ready-to-use presets. By using the presets, you can quickly select effect settings.


  • Save the selections and direction lines! For this purpose just press the button . By clicking on you can load the saved file to make a change (for example, to add or remove something). See an example of working with saved direction lines.


  • It's possible to apply multiple effects to an image.

    Source Image
    Source Image

    In the standalone version save the result with and then click on the Yes button when asked the question: Use the result as a source image?

    Sun and Clouds Effects Rain, Fire, Lightning Effects
    Sun and Clouds Effects Rain, Fire, Lightning Effects

    If you want to get different images with various effects applied, select No.

    Water Effect Rainbow Effect
    Water Effect Rainbow Effect

    In the plugin version just re-call the NatureArt filter and apply the effect you want with .


  • To draw a straight line with the Selection Brush , click once where you want the line to start, move to the other end of the line, and hold down the Shift key.

    Straight Selection Lines

    You can lock the mouse movement to either horizontal or vertical direction by holding the Shift key.


  • To cancel the selection, use Selection Bucket in "eraser mode". Just click with the tool while pressing Ctrl.


  • You can choose how the selection appears in the program Preferences : "marching ants" or filled with color (by default, red), and change the opacity of the color.


  • Use the History Brush to diminish the effect and correct the result. Note that this tool is only available for the Home Deluxe and Business licenses.


  • To change the image scale you can use the following keyboard shortcuts: + and Ctrl++ (++ on Mac) to increase the image scale; - and Ctrl+- (+- on Mac) to reduce the scale.

    Double-clicking on the tool's icon makes the image scale to 100%. Double-clicking on the tool's icon makes the image fit the window.


  • To cancel the last operation use the hot-key Ctrl+Z (+Z on Mac) or click on .
    To return the last cancelled operation use the hot-key Ctrl+Y (+Y on Mac) or click on .


  • Adjust the tools' parameters in the pop-up window that appears when right clicking in the image.


  • Pay attention to your license type. The functionality of the program depends on the license type. Consult the comparison table for more information. During the test period you can try all options and choose the license you like. You can upgrade your Home license to Home Deluxe or Business anytime by paying the difference in prices.


Comment fonctionne-t-il? Comment fonctionne-t-il?
   — Espace de travail — Espace de travail
   — Utiliser le logiciel — Utiliser le logiciel
   — Paramètres prédéfinis — Paramètres prédéfinis
   — Préférences — Préférences
Effets  Effets
   — Pluie — Pluie
   — Soleil — Soleil
   — Eau — Eau
   — Éclair — Éclair
   — Nuages — Nuages
   — Givre — Givre
   — Arc-en-ciel — Arc-en-ciel
   — Aurore boréale — Aurore boréale
   — Feu — Feu
   — Glace — Glace
Exemples Exemples
   — Galerie de NatureArt — Galerie de NatureArt
   — La flamme de la Liberté — La flamme de la Liberté
   — Au-dessus de la mer — Au-dessus de la mer
   — Jour et nuit — Jour et nuit
   — Créer un texte enflammé — Créer un texte enflammé
   — La mer durant une nuit d'été — La mer durant une nuit d'été
   — Jouer avec la lumière — Jouer avec la lumière
   — Tempête dans un verre — Tempête dans un verre
   — La forêt enchantée — La forêt enchantée
   — Rivière gelée — Rivière gelée
   — La rose de glace — La rose de glace
   — Création d'un avatar animé — Création d'un avatar animé
   — Une fille de feu — Une fille de feu
   — Côte rocheuse — Côte rocheuse
   — Le chat et la pluie — Le chat et la pluie


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