Prowling Tiger

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The author of the example is Sanjeev Saha, New Delhi, INDIA.

Though tigers are hunting in the daytime, they are a so-called symbol of the night. The tiger's movements are slow and cautious, its approach strikes fear in any living being. We'll try to create a framed photo of a tiger prowling in the night using AKVIS ArtSuite.

Original image
Original image

First we will add a photo frame to a picture of a tiger.

The original photo of a tiger
Click the image to open its larger copy in a new window

You can get various photo frames using AKVIS ArtSuite. For example, if you do not activate the Transparent check-box, you can use a color for the background. In this case you won't need to convert the base image to a layer.

Here is the Scratches frame with lilac as Frame Color:

The Scratch frame

The same thing can be performed with Stroke, Page curl, Square, Ragged, Spray and Artistic. You can create a transparent frame and lay a background image under it; or you can add a color frame using the Color pallete.

The Squares frame:

The Squares frame

The Spray frame:

The Spray frame


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