Suppress Noise on a Rendered Image Using AKVIS Noise Buster

Suppress Noise on a Rendered Image

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The author of the design project is Innokenti Chtchavrovski.

Original image Result


The picture below is the result of rendering a 3D interior design model in 3DS MAX.

A design project

Rendering is a complex process of transforming a 3D vector model into a 2D bitmap image taking into account the visual angle, illumination, materials, texture overlay, etc.

Everyone engaged in the creation of interior design models knows that a quality rendering requires a lot of time and resources; it may take hours and hours.

And what if the customer is already on the doorstep and you do not have time for a high quality rendering?

The only way out is to render the picture with the average settings and then process the image in a photo editor, for example in AliveColors. It will save you time.

The image above has been rendered with the average settings and in a relatively short period of time. But this affected the quality of the result: you can see noise in shadows and on the metal surface of the bar.

Nevertheless, the author took the "auto filtering" image to the customer. It's only a matter of taste though.


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