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AKVIS Refocus AI 11 Plug-in Review

(indezine.com, Geetesh Bajaj, 5/2021)

AKVIS Refocus 11 is AI-powered for focus adjustments, and includes the new Motion Deblur AI mode.

AKVIS Refocus AI 11 is a standalone program as well as an Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-in that improves sharpness of out-of-focus images. AKVIS Refocus is best suited for images that are a wee-bit blurred while being clicked, probably due to camera shake. Using AKVIS Refocus on these images, you can create special effects and draw attention to certain details, so as to create selective focus.


How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear Easily and Quickly

(Wondershare, Liza Brown, 9/2020)

Refocus can help you enhance out of focus photos, as well as for adding bokeh and lens blur to your images. Its powerful sensors can adjust different types of sharpness and bring your photos into focus. These also have a variety of tools for improving the appearance of your photos, including features like filters. All features remain as straightforward as the sharpening tool, too. It can improve the sharpness of an image, so making a blurry picture clear is a piece of cake.


AKVIS Refocus v.10

(Pixelmania, 8/2020)

AKVIS Refocus is alweer toe aan versie 10. De plug-in, die ook als stand-alone programma beschikbaar is voor Windows en Macintosh, verbetert de kwaliteit van opnamen die per ongeluk onscherp zijn uitgevallen. Verder kun je er ook achteraf onscherpte-effecten mee toevoegen.

De beste resultaten behaalt men door de modus Refocus te selecteren en zelf het scherptegebied en het achtergrondgebied aan te geven. In deze modus zien de beelden er het meest natuurlijk uit en is het onscherpte-effect echt fraai te noemen.


AKVIS Refocus

(Elizabeta Virlan, Softpedia, March 28, 2019)

AKVIS Refocus is a reliable photo editor that can help you repair the unpleasant out-of-focus effect. The image distortion can appear when the camera is used with an incorrect focus point or if the image is captured before the device can set the right focus. The resulting images are blurred or not sharp enough.

AKVIS Refocus offers several sharpening tools that enable you to add the crispness effect to overly blurred areas, as well as apply artificial blurring to other areas. In other words the object you wish to capture in a photo needs to be in-focus, while the background can be blurred. When the camera rendered the focus in a wrong point, the image loses its subject and the problem needs to be repaired.

With AKVIS Refocus you can apply several types of sharpening effects, according to the area in the photo you wish to refocus.


AKVIS Refocus v.8.0

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 263 v.20.3)

AKVIS Refocus v.8.0, provided as both a Photoshop compatible plug-in, and a standalone application, performs two important functions. First, and foremost, it enables automatic sharpening of out-of-focus images that possibly can avoid the cost, frustration, and inconvenience of reshooting an image. Second, the application offers a collection of artistic blur effects that can effectively draw focus to a targeted area of interest.


Refocus 6.5

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 2/2017)

The program has three distinct flavours, Refocus, Iris Blur, and Tilt-Shift. What they all have in common, besides the signature AKVIS interface, <...> is that they allow the user to take photos that have no discernible focus and to manipulate clarity to do a controlled softening of various parts of it in order to concentrate the viewers’ eyes to a specific area or location in the image. <...>

You do not need special knowledge to achieve good results. The software is easy-to-use, even for novices. To get started quickly, the program offers a large number of Presets suited to each of the three modes. You can observe the result in real time and compare before and after states.


Migliora le tue foto con Akvis: Refocus e HDRFactory

(Salta in Padella, 3/2016)

Questi 2 software li ho trovati utilissimi, intuitivi, hanno notevolmente ridotto il numero di scatti e velocizzato il lavoro di fotoritocco. Con pochi clic le mie immagini risultano nitide e i colori accesi, simili alla visione dal vivo.


AKVIS Refocus Program v. 1.5

(Russ Merritt, The Computer Club, Sun City Center, 4/2012)

Basically, the program allows you two methods to address the photograph. One: the entire photograph is subject to the REFOCUS effort. Two: you may isolate that portion of the program that is to be refocused and the rest of the photograph is not changed. With the Home Deluxe version, you can elect to have a portion of the photograph blurred – put out of focus. This is an easy way to place specific emphasis on a particular part of the photograph. <...>

I found the application used what appears to be a nice way of applying the sharpening command. In my experience it is much more selective, and since you can control the way the sharpening is applied, it is more effective. Is it perfect – no, but until something better comes along, this will be another photo enhancement application in my tool chest.


Produkttest AKVIS Refocus v. 1.5

(S. Laakmann, kameranet.de, 2/2012)

Die Software AKVIS Refocus v. 1.5 ist eine Software, die schnell, einfach und übersichtlich die Schärfe in Fotos verbessern soll. Das Programm kann das ganze Foto oder nur einen ausgewählten Teil davon in den Fokus stellen, damit so das Aufnahmemotiv besser zur Geltung kommt.

Nahezu alle Digitalkameras arbeiten mit einem passiven Kontrast-Autofokus. Das Autofokussystem ist in seiner Bedienung absolut einfach - anvisieren des Objektes, Auslöser halb drücken - und schon fokussiert die Kamera automatisch. Leider kommt es jedoch manchmal vor, dass die automatische Scharfstellung nicht richtig funktioniert hat und das Motiv leider unscharf fotografiert worden ist. Auch kann es passieren, dass die Digitalkamera versehentlich auf einen anderen und falschen Bildbereich fokussiert hat...


AKVIS Refocus V. 1.0 Home Deluxe Software $49

(Mike Hancock GGCS, 2/2011)

I tested this software on landscapes, general pictorial, and close-up portraits and found it very useful indeed. In particular, it was surprisingly effective with already-focused images. I also really liked the capability to select specific areas for sharpening. In summary, for $49, I think it is a very useful tool for photographers.