Golden Colors of Fall: Making a Collage with AKVIS SmartMask

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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Golden Colors of Fall


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The author of this tutorial is Igor Noskov of Russia.

He writes, "One day a friend asked me to print a photo of his mother, but first to add a couple of trees to the background behind her. When I opened this photo, instead of the bright and beautiful colors of fall, I saw a dreary scene. I wanted to add brightness and color and to remove three birch trees, one of which was broken. This tutorial is a good example of how it is possible to get a good result even if the photo has a gloomy, rainy background."

Original Image Result

AliveColors was used in this tutorial, but it's possible to get the same result using any graphics editor which is compatible with the AKVIS SmartMask plug-in.

  • Step 1. Open the original image in the graphics editor.
    AliveColors Workspace
  • Step 2. Make a copy of the layer with the command Layers -> Duplicate.
    Making a Copy of the Background
  • Step 3. Call the AKVIS SmartMask plug-in with the command Effects -> AKVIS -> SmartMask.
    AKVIS SmartMask Plug-in's Workspace
  • Step 4. The program will start in Auto mode, so begin working in it. Select the blue pencil from the Toolbar. Use it to outline within the boundary of the figure. This will be the fragment used in the collage.
    Using the Keep Area Pencil
  • Step 5. Next outline the silhouette of the figure with the red pencil, making sure not to cross the blue line. This marks the area which will be removed.
    Using the Drop Area Pencil
  • Step 6. Start processing by pressing . The result will be shown on a transparent background.
    Figure on a Transparent Background

    You can switch the Mask View Mode and view the fragment on a color backround.

  • Step 7. The resulting silhouette's edges are too rough, so more work is needed. Choose the green pencil and increase its size. Outline the silhouette's edges.
    Working on Difficult Areas
  • Step 8. Press to begin processing again. The edges of the silhouette are smoother and the hair is more visible.
    Result in Auto Mode
  • Step 9. Press to close the plug-in and return the image to the graphics editor.
  • Step 10. Now replace the background. Choose and open a photo of a fall scene in the graphics editor, then copy and paste it into the background of the collage.

    The photo turned out like this:

    Result: Golden Colors of Fall

The friend was simply delighted with the result.

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