Oil Portrait of an African Woman

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Tutoriel : AKVIS OilPaint

Oil Portrait of an African Woman


Désolé, à présent cette information n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
La version française sera bientôt affichée.

The author of the example is Silvano Dotti.

AKVIS OilPaint is a valuable and indispensable tool to transform photos into beautiful oil paintings.

This example shows how to apply the oil effect to create an image of greater expressiveness from a frame extracted from an old movie.

This is a Fulani woman listening a lecture on midwifery organized by the Italian non-profit social organization ONLUS (Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilità Sociale) in Africa in 2007.

    Original Image Result
    Original Image Result

  • Step 1. Extract the frame from the movie and open it in Photoshop or PSE (or in Preview on Mac). Adjust the brightness and contrast.

    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS OilPaint plugin (in Photoshop: Filter -> AKVIS -> OilPaint).

    Configure the settings as shown below, using the preview area which you can move with the mouse. It is fun to experiment with the parameters!

    AKVIS OilPaint Plugin
    AKVIS OilPaint
  • Step 3. Not bad at all! It would be even better if we add a "painting on canvas" effect. Turn on the check box on the Canvas tab.

    Using Canvas
  • Step 4. Apply the result and save the file.

    Oil Portrait
    Oil Portrait
    (Click on an image to view a larger version.)
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