AKVIS Sketch Photo Kiosk

AKVIS Sketch 24.0 | 写真から鉛筆画を作成しましょう!

AKVIS Sketch は、写真を鉛筆画や水彩画に自動的に変換するためのソフトウェアです。 Sketch を使うと、黒鉛や色鉛筆、木炭や水彩の技法を真似て、実際に描いたようなカラーや白黒の絵を作成することができます。

あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。

Photo Kiosk Version

We offer you the special Photo Kiosk license for AKVIS Sketch which gives people unfamiliar with photo editing the possibility to turn their photos into drawings for immediate printing.

Photo Kiosk License is a commercial license for Windows-based photo mini labs and self-service photo kiosks.

The version includes the features of the Classic style and the Canvas tab. You will be able to delight your customers not only with photo-to-sketch conversion, but also the imitation of a drawing on a canvas, corrugated paper, brick wall or anything else.

It's possible to give a choice of ready to use Presets to your customers. You can use AKVIS presets of photo-to-sketch conversion and/or create your own.

There is no trial version! You will get the Download URL after your order is processed. To evaluate the effect, please use the regular version of Sketch.


AKVIS Sketch Photo Kiosk (for 1 machine) - $ 180

AKVIS Sketch Photo Kiosk (for 5 machines) - $ 750    Save $ 150!


Differences from the regular version:

The standard interface of the program won't be visible, you can manage the parameters via your own application installed on the machine (using command line & config files).

The only thing that Sketch shows is the window with the progress bar and the program name when processing images (click to preview). You are not allowed to hide/remove it! This progress bar window must be visible to a customer/operator.

Attention: Not for online services. Remote processing is not allowed. Online use is prohibited without authorized consent.


If you have questions please contact us at sales@akvis.com.