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AKVIS Enhancer

(Mircea Saveanu, Softpedia, 3/2019)

Some of the most widely employed file formats today are pictures. From RAW formats handled by professionals to common PNGs or JPGs, one can hardly find a computer today that does not store at least a couple of such items. AKVIS Enhancer is a tool devised especially for users of such documents, as it allows them to improve the quality of source items by making quick adjustments.

Specifically, it can correct shadow to light ratios, thus intensifying color transitions, as well as increase the sharpness of image borders. The tool comes with three similar, but not identical tools, “Improve detail”, “Prepress”, and “Tone Correction” that can be employed to make various quick adjustments to images.

These components use different algorithms to target specific parameters and one of the great features of the program is that users can apply all three tools to improve results. For example, one can adjust light levels to reveal 'hidden' photo details, as well as alter the gradient contrast to enhance the overall quality.

Other options include the ability to adjust highlights or shadows, as well as change standard brightness, contrast, and saturation parameters.


AKVIS Enhancer 12, per recupero dei dettagli delle foto

(Stefano Lann, Macity, 4/2011)

Il bello delle fotocamere digitali è che si possono scattare tutte le foto che si desidera senza preoccuparsi troppo di come vengono, dal momento che non bisogna affrontare il costo dello sviluppo e poi perchè esistono numerosi programmi che consentono di eliminare gli eventuali difetti...


AKVIS Enhancer v.11

(Willis Irons, TCS (Tucson Computer Society), 4/2010)

...As stated previously, Enhancer mode and Smart Correction mode apply changes differently. The Enhancer mode is good for areas that need more detail. The Smart Mode changes tonal quality, such as when enhancing a flower. <...>

Enhancer is a useful program. I encourage you to try it. I suggest opening a close-up of your favorite flower photo and playing with the sliders and note the dramatic and/or subtle variations.


Correct Problems in Digital Photos with AKVIS Enhancer

(brighthub.com, Michele McDonough, 3/2009)

AKVIS Enhancer is an image editing application specifically designed to help correct many of the flaws (such as exposure and focus problems) that crop up in digital photographs. The software is available as both a standalone product and as a plugin that is compatible with many of today’s top photo editors, including Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro.



(Nataly Tikhonovich, MyphotoSoft, 3/2008)

Another HDR producing software is Akvis Enhancer. Enhancer works as a "one click", or, in other words, fully automatic tone mapping tool. All you have to do with Enhancer is load images to the program and, may be, play with the settings afterwards. No intermediate hdr file, no manual alignment pains. Some color postprocessing after and you are done. A quick job. Lets look at the workflow and the output quality though.

Enhancer has the usual Akvis program interface with a large preview space on the left, navigator and tools on the right panel with quick tips in the bottom. To produce a tone-mapped hdr image you have to load the differently exposed images to the program (the load multiple images button is placed on the top panel)...


Software Review - AKVIS Enhancer

(Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie, 6/2007)

How many times have you found yourself facing the situation of having to deal with an under– or over-exposed photo? If you are like many of us, it can happen all-to frequently. If you base your exposure on a facial area, the background can (depending on the scene and lighting conditions) either burn out, losing all detail, or become too dark (underexposed) to make out any detail of the setting of the photo.<...>
AKVIS has a nice little plug-in that will do some amazing things with your photos that may have been relegated to the ‘throw-away’ file before...


AKVIS Enhancer

(Larry Hrusovsky, NCMUG, North Coast Macintosh Users’ Group Newsletter, 1/2007)

Akvis develops software for digital image processing and digital photo restoration. Akvis Enhancer is a digital image processing plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Graphic Converter. If you have an image that is over or under exposed, Enhancer will recover lost image details and make image colors more vibrant.
The main interface for Akvis Enhancer has four adjustable sliders. One slider is for “Shadows”, used to recover lost details in unde-rexposed areas of image; another, “Highlights”, reveals details in light areas of im age; “Level of Detail”, defines amount of details detected; and “Lightness”, an adjustment that makea the overall image dark er or lighter.


Fotobearbeitung: Akvis Enhancer im Test (V.3.0)

(Michael Doering, www.au-ja.de, 2/2006)

Der Enhancer v.3.0 von Akvis dient dazu, die Details digitaler Fotografien hervorzuheben. Gerade in den unter- oder überbelichteten Teilen eines Fotos verschwimmen Konturen und Feinheiten, welche normalerweise mit der Tonwert-Korrektur der Bildbearbeitungssoftware berichtigt werden. Diese wirkt sich aber leider auf das ganze Bild aus und verändert daher den Lichteindruck und die Wirkung der Fotografie, unter Umständen gehen in anderen Teilen des Fotos sogar wertvolle Details verloren. Akvis verspricht mit dem Enhancer v.3.0 ein Werkzeug, welches ohne Belichtungs-/Tonwert-Korrektur die Details im Licht und/oder Schatten betonen kann.


Akvis Enhancer

(Sherry London, Layers Magazine, 3/2005)

AKVIS Enhancer is a filter designed to replace Photoshop’s Shadow/Highlight adjustment. It plugs into any program that accepts Adobe standard plug-ins. You can adjust to favor the highlights, the shadows, or an equal distribution of values. You can also alter the intensity of the effect and the level of detail.

While Shadow/Highlight was one of my favorite new features in the Photoshop CS release, it didn’t work as well as AKVIS Enhancer on many of the images I tried. When used on ocean tones, Shadow/Highlight at default settings tended to flatten the values and gray them out; Enhancer didn’t...


Akvis Enhancer

(Ken Blake, TCS Member (TuCSon), 2/2005)

Although I had to make none of the individual choices which Akvis Enhancer requests, the result was a greatly-improved, and very decent, if not quite perfect photograph. The average person looking at it would likely have had little idea that it had started out underexposed and been enhanced by software...


Balance the Details with the AKVIS Enhancer

(Leigh-Anne Tompkins, North Florida, Macintosh Users group, 1/2005)

It’s really easier and saves time without struggling with Levels and Curves in Photoshop. You do not need to be a professional to use it...


Informations Akvis Enhancer

(LogicielMac.com, 12/2004)

Ce petit logiciel est un plug-in, c'est à dire qu'il nécessite soit Adobe Photoshop ou Photoshop Elements sur Mac et Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Painter, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact sur PC...


AKVIS - Enhancer

(PSPUG Staff, 12/2004)

A very easy plug in to use for clarifying pictures, in particular clarifying details not easily seen in original picture. Will enhance photo's. Has three switches that allow adjustments that will lighten, sharpen detail, accentuate shadows so that outcome is a much better photo...


AKVIS Enhancer 1.1. Enhance your photographs

(Paul Rowlingson, 11/2004)

Akvis Enhancer is a plug-in for most popular image editors which corrects underexposed or overexposed photographs without any manipulation of the photo's exposure settings. Instead, the program alters the level of colour transition within an image. <...>
The results are pretty impressive, and certainly better than most people could achieve via manual manipulation...


AKVIS Enhancer

(Tamera Vesta, Pasco Area Computer Users Group Newsletter, 10/2004)

...I would recommend this to anyone that has a plug-in capable photo editor. It allows for fast, effective detail recovery, and also does some pretty nifty effects when you play around with it...


AKVIS Enhancer Review. Version 1.1.

(Simon Baillie, SharewareJunkies.com, 10/2004)

Yet again AKVIS have produced a simple to use program that gives the quality results that you want.
AKVIS Enhancer is image enhancement software for revealing details on a picture that is underexposed, overexposed or has mid tone areas of a photo that need correcting without manipulating exposure. It brings out details by intensifying color transition. It means that Enhancer strengthens the difference between adjacent pixels having different color gradations and therefore reveals not only details in the shadow but even details in the overexposed and mid tone areas.
AKVIS Enhancer is useful not only for correction of family and art photos, but can be effective as well in technical use. Publishers of technical literature can apply Enhancer to show equipment illustrations in detail; doctors can use Enhancer to increase the level of detail on roentgenograms, etc. The program is compatible with the following digital photo software - Adobe Photoshop (v. 5 and above) and Photoshop Elements (v. 1 and above), Jasc Paint Shop Pro (v. 6 and above), ACD FotoCanvas (v. 3), Ulead PhotoImpact (v. 8).
Another "must have" if you do any image correction.


AKVIS Enhancer

(Larry Mobbs, "Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron" (COMP), p.11-12, 10/2004)

...The three sliders on the screen are all the controls used. The first sets the amount of detail you want included in the image. Setting this slider high results in a lot of digital noise in the image but it gives excellent results at lower settings.
The second slider sets the Highlight/Shadow Priority. This is where the real magic occurs. Moving the slider to the right lightens the image, what they call Shadow Priority. Moving left darkens the image, emphasizing the highlights in the image.
The third slider sets the intensity applied to the first two sliders settings. As you can see, the effects are dramatic...