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Top 10 AI Image Resizers Review in 2021 to Resize Image Without Losing Quality

(TopTen AI, 12/2020)

Traditionally, image resizers are designed to make images smaller or larger. If you ever tried any of them, you might have found one thing: images are lossless in quality only when they are downsized and your images could get pixelated or blurry once they are resized into a larger size. Thanks to AI technology today, more and more AI-powered image resizers are coming out to resize image without losing quality especially when it comes to increasing their size.

AKVIS Magnifier AI is another best AI-driven software that you can use to resize image automatically. Due to the trained neural networks, you can increase image size by 800% without losing quality. This image resizer software claims to make your images crisp and clear based on its algorithms.


AKVIS Magnifier

(Ana Marculescu, Softpedia, March 28, 2019)

AKVIS Magnifier is a professional software application designed specifically for helping you resize images without affecting their output quality. Standard editing programs display blurred and pixelated images when you try to resize them so final results suffer quality loss.

The purpose of this utility is to enlarge images to a high resolution suitable for printable posters with the aid of powerful algorithms that preserve smooth edges, deliver sharp results, and enhance the overall quality of the photo by removing noise and compression artifacts.

AKVIS Magnifier reveals a well-organized suite of features making the resizing process smooth and simple.

You may switch between an Express and Advanced mode. <...>

Rookies may also venture to work with the advanced mode as the utility integrates a dedicated panel that automatically reveals the function of each parameter as soon as you hover the mouse cursor over the target feature.

In conclusion, AKVIS Magnifier adds on its feature list all the algorithms that you would need for creating poster images or adding resolution to low quality photos. The best part about it is that is very easy to use so rookies may get involved in altering the picture resolution as well.


AKVIS Magnifier: Bilder vergrößern ohne Qualitätsverlust

(CHIP, 10/2016)
"AKVIS Magnifier hält, was es verspricht und liefert bereits mit den
Voreinstellungen erstaunliche Ergebnisse. Erfahrene Anwender können
das Endbild über verschiedene Regler noch weiter optimieren."

Michael Humpa | CHIP Software-Redaktion

Der "AKVIS Magnifier" vergrößert Ihre Bilder ohne Verluste und unschöne Artefakte.

Wer die Auflösung von Bildern erhöhen will (etwa um diese als Poster drucken zu können) stößt mit gewöhnlichen Grafik-Programmen schnell an Grenzen: Die Bilder werden unscharf und pixelig; häufig entstehen sogenannte Artefakte.

Die Software "AKVIS Magnifier" erlaubt es, Fotos und Grafiken zu vergrößern, ohne dass störende Nebeneffekte auftreten. Dazu verwendet das Tool einen besonderen Algorithmus, der Kanten glatt und scharf hält und zudem unerwünschte Kompressions-Artefakte und Bildrauschen entfernt.


AKVIS Magnifier V.9.0

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Magnifier V.9.0, available both as a standalone product, and an Adobe Photoshop plugin, is as excellent tool for increasing image resolution without the artifacts produces using a standard photo editor Resize command. Image processed with Magnifier do not have the blurred and pixelated appearance that is produced through the common process of bicubic interpolation. Magnifier images can be enlarged to a size of 300,000 x 300,000 pixels, producing a poster of 90 gigabytes!


Akvis Magnifier

(L. Davenport, Silicon Mountain Macintosh User's Group, 2/2015)

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to enlarge a photo, but when you did it got all pixelated? Wish you had a way to resize your images without loss of quality? Then you may want to give Akvis Magnifier a look-see, for that is exactly what it does.

Akvis Magnifier’s resizing algorithms let you enlarge an image up to a resolution of 30,000 x 30,000 pixels, which makes a 100 x 100 inch poster. It also gives you the option of setting the resolution from 72 dpi up to 1200 dpi. But remember, the higher the resolution, the more Mac CPU horsepower you will need to accomplish the task. Akvis Magnifier’s algorithm keeps the image’s edges smooth, sharp and clearly defined. At the same time it can improve the image’s appearance by removing unwanted noise and compression artifacts.


AKVIS Magnifier

(Donna Kamper, Tucson Computer Society, 12/2013)

Have you ever enlarged a picture or photograph to fit a particular need, and been hit by the dreaded "jaggies?" Or maybe it just got softer and more blurry?

There’s a fix for that. Akvis has a program that works either as a standalone or as a plug-in to your graphics program. What it does is very simple: it grows your image to the desired size and resolution without distorting or degrading its qualilty. Yes, really!


AKVIS Magnifier 6.0

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 9/2012)

Like the other AKVIS programs, Magnifier functions in Advanced and Express modes, contains presets and fine tuning sliders that give the user the total control...


Akvis Magnifier review

(Macworkd, Duncan Evans, 3/2012)

Magnifier’s screen offers a before and after toggle, or a split-screen. There are some document presets or the image size can be specified in pixels, as a percentage or in physical size terms using the dpi setting. There’s also sharpening options for downsizing images.

The interpolation side offers a raft of precise controls that includes sharpening edges, edge smoothness, texture detail, grain and the option to remove artefacts from the resizing. The sharpening side is unsharp mask. The previews are quick, but processing a large image takes a while. Blowing up smaller images offers more control over exactly how the edges and texture content look.

On small images Magnifier offers a lot of control over how the final result will look.


Amplie as suas fotos com o Magnifier da AKVIS

(Jose Antunes, www.fotodigital-online.com, 12/2009 - Portugiesisch)

Mesmo a tempo do Natal a AKVIS lança no mercado a versão 3.0 do seu Magnifier, um programa que permite transformar fotos de pequena dimensão em imagens maiores, sem perda de qualidade. O programa pode ser experimentado através da versão para descarregar para o seu comptuador, que pode usar durante 10 dias. E o programa está em português. Aumentar imagens sem perder a qualidade das mesmas é algo com que todos sonham mas que só se consegue, efectivamente, com software específico e não por simples redimensionamento (para cima) num programa de edição de imagens.


Akvis Magnifier 3.0, ridimensiona le immagini senza perdita di qualità

(Mauro Notarianni, Macity, 12/2009 - Italienisch)

Akvis Magnifier 3.0 è la nuova versione di un software che permette di aumentare la risoluzione delle immagini mantenendo integra la qualità. Se proviamo a ingrandire un'immagine con l'aiuto di un editor d'immagini qualsiasi, noteremo che la foto ingrandita sarà sfocata e pixelata. Questo sgradevole effetto è dovuto al fatto che l'immagine iniziale non contiene informazioni necessarie per la dimensione che si desidera ottenere.


Resize Digital Photos up to 2,000% and More with AKVIS Magnifier

(brighthub.com, Michele McDonough, 12/2009)

Ever try to enlarge a digital photo without the result becoming completely blurred and unrecognizable? AKVIS Magnifier was developed for this sole purpose, and in this review, we’ll take a look at how well it performs.


Magnifier 2.0 im Softwaretest

(digitalkamera.de, 12/2008 - Deutsch)

Um Bilder möglichst verlustfrei zu vergrößern, damit enorme Bildgrößen realisiert werden können, wird auf diverse Tricks und Programme zurückgegriffen. In den meisten Fällen ist das Ergebnis aber weniger zufrieden stellend als eine Aufnahme, die in der entsprechenden Auflösung gemacht wurde. Das gilt besonders dann, wenn der so genannte physiognomische Betrachtungsabstand (etwa die Länge der Bilddiagonale) unterschritten werden soll und die Bilder auch diesem geringen Betrachtungsabstand standhalten müssen, ohne etwa zu "pixeln". Der Akvis Magnifier 2.0 will quasi mehr aus weniger machen, indem er Bildvergrößerung ohne Artefakte verspricht. Ob die Software dies wirklich schafft, soll unser kurzer Erfahrungsbericht zeigen.


AKVIS Magnifier 2.0

(Geetesh Bajaj, indezine.com, 11/2008)

If you tried resizing an image larger than its actual size, you might have come across the problem where the quality of the image gets degraded and pixelated.

AKVIS Magnifier, a Photoshop compatible plug-in upscales the images with advanced enlargement algorithms, preserving the edge to edge image sharpness while improving image appearance by removing unwanted noise and compression artifacts.

Follow the steps to use AKVIS Magnifier: <...>

Note: Although the instructions above showed how you can use AKVIS Magnifier as a Photoshop plug-in, the product also works in the same way in standalone mode -- just launch the application through its icon in the AKVIS Magnifier group in your Windows Start Menu.


AKVIS Magnifier

(Advanced Photoshop, n°10, 10/2008)

AKVIS Magnifier s’inscrit dans la nouvelle tendance des logiciels de redimensionnement d’image. Il propose les memes services que les autres logiciels de cette categorie, a savoir le redimensionnement sans perte de qualite notable. Il utilise des algorithmes d’agrandissement elabores qui permettent d’agrandir une image numerique tout en conservant des bords precis et nets...