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OilPaint v.6.5

Эффект масляной живописи

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Здесь представлены некоторые статьи и обзоры, посвященные программе для имитации масляной живописи AKVIS OilPaint.


AKVIS OilPaint — Эффект масляной живописи:

AKVIS OilPaint
(Linda Cameron, Finder, Mid Columbia Macintosh Users Group, 9/2015)

You might wonder why I like turning my photos into what looks like oil paintings. High resolution cameras show all the wrinkles and gray hairs and turning these shots into artworks can make them look way better. That is one reason. Another reason for me is to add illustrations to projects I am working on. I am currently working on converting an entire collection of Zorro stories to eBooks. It is fun to have an appropriate picture for the cover of each eBook and if it looks like artwork rather than a plain photo, all the better. <...>

I recommending going to the AKVIS website and downloading out a trial copy of OilPaint. If you do not have a program like Photoshop, get the stand-alone application. It is a lot of fun to see how you can change your photos into artwork.


Akvis OilPaint transforms your photos into works of art
(Jackie Dove, The Creativity Channel, 02/2014)

Sometimes a photo doesn’t seem like enough—or even much of anything—at least not to the disinterested observer. But to the photographer, each frame has a special meaning. Software like Akvis OilPaint seeks to provide visual artists with the tools to effectively convey a message directly from their mind’s eye to the canvas. <...>

If you want to make oil paintings out of your photos, Akvis OilPaint 1.0 is a fine choice. It’s fairly swift, very stable, and easy to learn and use.


Review: Akvis Oil Paint - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin
(Bojan Živković, DESIGNEASY, 12/2013)

Recently, Akvis published a new and excellent product: Oil Paint. It is amazing piece of software which converts digital photos into oil paintings. Conversion is so realistic but there are and other required qualities: fast rendering, simple to use and I must mention that in introduction: non-destructive Crop tool in standalone version.


AKVIS OilPaint
Эффект масляной живописи



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