Обзоры программы AKVIS Coloriage: раскрашивание фотографий

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Coloriage v.10.6

Раскрашивание изображений

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AKVIS Coloriage — программа для раскрашивания черно-белых фотографий и замены цвета на цветных изображениях. Здесь представлены некоторые статьи и обзоры, посвященные программе Coloriage.

Сначала мы приводим статьи на русском языке от российских СМИ, затем остальные, от иностранных изданий.


AKVIS Coloriage — Добавление и изменение цвета:

Плагины для Photoshop от АКВИС
(3dnews.ru, Сергей и Марина Бондаренко, 09/2006)

Если вы задались целью вернуть к жизни старую фотографию, можно не только убрать с нее царапины и потертости, но и раскрасить. В этом поможет плагин Akvis Coloriage. В окне этого фильтра можно найти палитру цветов, а также большую библиотеку заготовок для объектов, которые наиболее часто можно встретить на фотографиях. Например, используя библиотеку, можно быстро подобрать цвет кожи, глаз, волос и губ человека, разный цвет стекла, ткани, бумаги, металла и т.д...

AKVIS Coloriage - лучшая программа 2005 года!
(PC Magazine/Russian Edition, обзор ПО российских производителей "Россия: прикладное ПО 2005". 10/2005
Программа удостоена награды Best of Soft 2005, категория "Графика и фото")

Очень оригинальная разработка. Главная функция программы — автоматизированная "раскраска" черно-белых фотографий. Пользователю достаточно разметить фотографию, указав цвета отдельных областей, после чего пакет автоматически сформирует цветное изображение...

подробнее — смотрите журнал PC Magazine/RE за октябрь 2005


Ниже приводим статьи и обзоры на английском, немецком и др. иностранных языках, посвященные программе для раскрашивания фотографий AKVIS Coloriage:


Software Review: Photo-Colorizing Software
(Rick Crume, Family Tree Magazine, 3/7/2017)

Looking at old family photos, it’s easy to get the impression your ancestors lived in a black-and-white or sepiatoned world. But now you can take your images from Kansas to Oz, with photo editing software that allows you to easily colorize black-and-white pictures and see your ancestors’ faces, clothing and surroundings in realistic pigments.

If you want a simpler way to add color to black-and-white pictures without having to master a complicated program, simple software that focuses on that one task might be just what you need.

AKVIS Coloriage is one of the best programs for colorizing photos <...>. You don’t have to fill in the areas exactly, as the program detects uncolored shapes for you.

The program is fun to use and will bring your old family photographs to life.


AKVIS Coloriage V.10.5
(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Coloriage V.10.5, available as both a plug-in for image editing program, and as a standalone app, enabled fast and easy colorization of black-and-white photos, and replacement of colors in full-color photos.

The program provides a spectrum of colors gradations categorized by picture elements, such as People, Grass, Leaves, Wood, Stones, Sky, Clouds, Water, Metals, Ground, and Fabric. The user simply selects an appropriate category and draws on the image with the Pencil tool to indicate where the color will be applied. The user need not paint with any accuracy at all, merely drawing lines within the area that will contain the color. Clicking the Run button applies the colors precisely within the targeted areas, respecting orders and retaining grayscale tones.


AKVIS Coloriage 10.5
(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 01/2017)

Coloriage is comparatively easy to use, once you understand the basics of the program. The trial download includes the option of a PDF manual that is very helpful in getting you started. <...>

With AKVIS Coloriage the user can easily and quickly match and manipulate the colors of an image: from colorizing old black and white photos from your scanned images from the old family albums to replacing colors in your color photos. This all sounds very easy and you may say that you can do all of that with Adobe Photoshop but AKVIS Coloriage is designed to be easier and faster and achieve better results in less time.


AKVIS Coloriage 8.0
(Kevin Poulter, AppleUsers, 7/2012)

Certainly the software does try to adapt to the selected texture and tone - for example skin tones, as supplied in their menu, however unless there is a very defined edge between colours, then it is not auto-fill. In this photograph of Elvis, I found it was far preferable to paint a very accurate border. Considering auto-fill is a big ask on soft edges, it was not unreasonable to require colouring the edges.

Like most plug-ins, the result can be alternatively achieved manually in Photoshop or Elements, however the plug-in makes it easier, quicker and better...

My verdict is 8 out of 10—very useful if you regularly like to colourise.


Colorize Digital Photos with AKVIS Coloriage
(Michele McDonough, Bright Hub, 6/2011)

AKVIS Coloriage is a digital photograph color-changing plugin that is compatible with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and a number of other image editing applications. It’s also available as a standalone product so anyone can take advantage of its abilities.

One of the major applications of the utility is to colorize black and white photographs in a natural-looking manner, but it can also be used to change colors in a photo, recolor selected areas, and convert color images to black and white...


AKVIS Coloriage 7.0
(Linda Cameron, McMUG, The Finder, 03/2010)

The more I looked, the more I realized that this program is much more powerful than I first thought it to be.
It is easy to get carried away and spend a whole day playing with this program. It is really fun and when you get a good result, it feels great. The more you play with it the better you get.


AKVIS Coloriage 6.0. Colorization Plug-in For Adobe Photoshop
(Daniel M. East, Layers Magazine, 05/2009)

Colorizing old photographs has come a long way, and AKVIS has six versions of this software to prove it. Coloriage V.6.0 is another step in the right direction for image professionals who want great results in Photoshop (or from a standalone application), as it brings a little more performance and slightly better results than previous editions.


Colorize Digital Photos with AKVIS Coloriage
(brighthub.com, Michele McDonough, 2/2009)

AKVIS Coloriage is a digital photograph color-changing plugin that is compatible with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and a number of other image editing applications. It’s also available as a standalone product so anyone can take advantage of its abilities.
One of the major applications of the utility is to colorize black and white photographs in a natural-looking manner, but it can also be used to change colors in a photo, recolor selected areas, and convert color images to black and white.
In the end, I found Coloriage extremely impressive for the quality of the results that can be achieved with the minimal input of effort and time.
Coloriage is fast becoming one of my favorite plugins, and I love how easy it is to modify colors in a photograph or any other image using the software.


Product Review - AKVIS-Coloriage 4.0
(Victoria Maciulski, CVMUG, A Publication of Conejo Ventura Macintosh Users Group, 02/2007, p.6)

Coloriage is a tool to colorize black & white photos or drawings. You can also use it to change the colors in an image. I reviewed an version of this product last year about this time. I am impressed that they managed to release two new versions in a year.
AKVIS Coloriage is a plug-in for image processing software including Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo- Paint, Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro, and others that use Photoshop- compatible plugins...


AKVIS Coloriage - BEST 2009 SOFT
(PC Magazine Russian Edition, 10/2005)

AKVIS Coloriage was awarded the "Best of Soft 2005" prize of PC Magazine/RE.



Noel Finch fleshes out his old photos with colouring software
(Noel Finch, The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, 10/2005)

Before my mum passed away, she gave me a small bundle of photos of myself as a baby and child. I've got dozens of photos of my brother and sisters and other ones of my dad that I've coloured. They're beautiful. I scan them in grayscale and then I colour them from there. The program is a plug-in for most of the photo editing suites on the market. When you open an image, you select "Filter" and start the process...


AKVIS Coloriage
(Josh, Nerd-Life)

...The basic idea of this plugin is to either color, replace color, or even give an existing color scheme a more surreal look to it. As ive stated before, I love old photos, so a plugins that can help me make my black and white photos look like ive hand colored them is a blessing. No need to try to pull this off with photoshops tools, all that you need is right in this plugin...


AKVIS Coloriage v 1.2
(Tamera Vesta, Pasco Computer Users Club)

Coloriage is one of the most entertaining plug-ins that I have ever used. It is easy to use, and allows you to unlock some serious creativity. If you have some black and white photos (or even some very boring color ones you would like to improve), Coloriage is a great way to make them have the hand color treatment that you get from a professional artist...


AKVIS-Coloriage Plug-in
(Anna Lee Horton, IBM PC USER’S GROUP OF REDDING, 07/2005)

...It’s a great tool to experiment with in designing and decorating. You can look at how a room or house would look in different colors and compare. It’s nice to be able to take those old family pictures and color them. I used the Coloriage plug- in with Microsoft’s Digital Image 9 Suite and in Adobe Elements...


The review of AKVIS Coloriage at Shareware Junkies
(Simon Baillie, Shareware Junkies, 07/2005)

Coloriage is a colorizing program with which you can bring black and white photos to life with colors and revitalize color photos. That is not all if you think about it, you could also tryout different color schemes for the interior/exterior of your house, see if a new hair color would suit you, mix and match different color clothes, try a different color for your car, the possibilities go on and on...


at the About Photography site
(Peter Marshall, About Photography, 05/2005)

From the earliest years of photography, photographers have added colour by hand to photographic images, starting with daguerreotypes. Some of the results from the early years are exquisite. Even when colour photography became more widely available, starting from the early years of the twentieth century with processes such as Autochrome, and around the 1930-50s with modern colour processes, some photographers still preferred to add colours by hand...

AKVIS Coloriage
Добавление и изменение цвета



AKVIS Alchemy

AKVIS Alchemy: All-in-One pack

Самое выгодное предложение:
все программы с огромной скидкой!


AKVIS Пакет для ретуши фотографий: Retoucher + Coloriage

2 программы:
Retoucher и Coloriage



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