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Charcoal v.3.0

Рисунок углем и мелом

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Здесь представлены некоторые статьи и обзоры, посвященные программе AKVIS Charcoal.


AKVIS Charcoal — Эффект рисования углём и мелом:

AKVIS Charcoal v.2.0
(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Charcoal v.2.0 digitally simulates the creative artistic effects possible using charcoal for drawing. The program provides dozens of professionally configured presets that resemble common charcoal effects <...>.

The user has various tools and controls to modify the size and appearance of the image, as well as save, print, share, and enable batch processing.


Charcoal (and Chalk)

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 11/2014)

Charcoal, the newest offering from AKVIS, has an interface very reminiscent of their other twenty-one titles - many of which have appeared in previous issues of the DoubleClick. And, like the rest of AKVIS titles, Charcoal is an easy-to-use image editing program that has a huge array of powerful tools that will make it possible to turn a digital photo into something else. In this case, the program, aptly named Charcoal, has the ability to re-render your digital images to make them appear as if they were sketches done on a variety of background materials using either charcoal or charcoal and white chalk.

As anyone knows who has ever done any charcoal sketches, this primitive drawing tool lends itself to many possible effects. AKVIS Charcoal presents these effects as Presets.

AKVIS Charcoal
Эффект рисования углём и мелом



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