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ArtSuite v.12.0

Эффекты и рамки для фотографий

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Статьи и обзоры, посвященные программе AKVIS ArtSuite (старое название - Frame Suite), представлены на языке источника. Сначала идут статьи на русском языке, затем от иностранных изданий.


AKVIS ArtSuite — Эффекты и рамки:

AKVIS. Рамки дозволенного в украшении фотографий
(Иван Афанасьев, Softkey.info, 10/2013)

В числе прочего AKVIS Software предлагает приложение AKVIS ArtSuite, позволяющее художественно обрабатывать фотографии. Для этого продукта компания AKVIS периодически выпускает пакеты готовых рамок, с помощью которых можно красиво оформить изображение, превратив его в маленькую картину. История таких рамок идет с древних времен, когда в XX веке людьми использовались бумажные фотографии, вставляемые в деревянные рамки. Для пущего эффекта рамки могли быть выполнены в виде небольшого барельефа, визуально связанного с каким-либо местом или родом деятельности. Таким образом, в семье оставалась память об отпуске, юбилее свадьбы и других значимых событиях. Сейчас, конечно, в Китае тоже производятся тонны пластиковых рамок, продающихся в сувенирных лавках по всему миру. Но цифровые технологии придали такому способу оформления фотографий новый смысл.


Few Tips to Work With Akvis Christmas Pack and Photoshop CC
(Bojan Živković, DESIGNEASY, 12/2013)

Akvis offers 50 hand painted frames with Christmas and New Year decorations. Frames are really fabulous and more then affordable: entire package will cost you only $15. Only 50 cents per frame! Requirement to use frames is Akvis ArtSuite Standalone installed on your machine.

In this post I will give you few tips how to use frames pack in ArtSuite, preview of all frames included in package, tips for batch processing and download links to get free fonts, styles and PSD templates with text effects.


Akvis Artistic Suite Review
(Bojan Živković, DesignEasy, 11/2013)

Akvis ArtSuite:

This is plugin for anyone who likes frames, borders and special effects. Who doesn't? This app works alone because there are lot of effects which can be used before adding frames but it works excellent and with Akvis ArtWork to decorate paintings using frames from my favourite collection of frames: Classic Frames > Antique. Beside Antique Collection I like and Wooden frames which are also scary realistic…

Frames are almost live, as I have captured and extracted them few minutes ago.

Effects are also fabulous with again fabulous presets which in most cases actually does not need almost any further refinements although you can refine every preset and even save it for later use. My favourites in Effects section are Black and White and Halftone which will leave you without breath from the first use.


Software Review: AKVIS Frame Suite
(Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, 2/2008)

Edge effect framing is becoming all the rage lately with digital images. As they are easy to apply and manipulate, they can be seen all over the place, enhancing the work of many photographers. There are many sources for frames and edge effects, but one of the best places is from good ‘ol AKVIS, with their Frame Suite package.


AKVIS Frame Suite 2.5
(Door Evi Maquoi, www.computertotaal.nl, 11/2007 - Nederlands)

Mooie foto’s verdienen mooie kaders. Dat is in ieder geval het opzet van AKVIS Frame Suite. Met dit programma geeft u uw favoriete afbeeldingen in enkele luttele seconden een knap lijstje. Kiddy, artistiek, klassiek of creatief... AKVIS Frame Suite heeft veel in zijn mars! <...>
AKVIS Frame Suite beschikt over meer dan tien soorten kaders. Indien u bijvoorbeeld voor Pattern kiest, kunt u een kleurrijke kleine afbeelding kiezen en daarmee een lijstje maken. De grootte, richting en achtergrondkleur van uw afbeelding kunt u zonder problemen aan uw wensen aanpassen. Deze lijsttechniek oogt schattig en is daardoor ideaal om kinderfoto’s op te fleuren.


AKVIS Frame Suite 2.5
(L. Davenport, www.smmug.org, 9/2007)

AKVIS Frame Suite is designed to spruce up the look of your photos by adding a frame or edge effect. There are eleven different frame/edge distortion categories that you can apply to your photos: Classic, Patterns, Strokes, Scratches, Page Curl, Squares, Ragged, Spray, Artistic, Frost, and Artistic Crop. A twelfth category is called Texture. Instead of modifying the edge of the photo, it will let you apply a pattern (to give it a bumpy appearance) to the whole picture. All categories give you settings that you can modify so you can get the frame/effect you are looking for. <...>
AKVIS Frame Suite is easy to learn and use. I like that if it doesn’t have a frame that you want-you can import your own designs. I also like the fact that it has a stand-alone version. Typically, AKVIS’ programs come as plug-ins. So if you don’t have a compatible photo editor, you can’t use their plug-in. Not any longer. I noticed that four out of ten of their programs now have stand-alone versions.


AKVIS Frame Suite 1.0
(Geetesh Bajaj, indezine.com, 5/2007)

Photoshop and other image editors include a tange of tools that do allow you to create different types of frames. However, most of these tools are not automatic nor do they contain a library of preset frames that can be tweaked.
AKVIS Frame Suite, a Photoshop compatible plug-in contains an impressive collection frames and edge effects that can be used to add a creative flair to your images. And if you are not happy with the default frames provided, you can tweak them and create your own preset.

AKVIS ArtSuite
Эффекты и рамки



AKVIS Alchemy

AKVIS Alchemy: All-in-One pack

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