Обзоры программы AKVIS AirBrush: эффект аэрографии

AirBrush v.6.0 | Аэрографический рисунок из фотографии

Здесь представлены некоторые статьи и обзоры, посвященные программе AKVIS AirBrush. Сначала мы приводим статьи на русском языке от российских СМИ, затем от иностранных изданий.

AKVIS AirBrush — Обзоры: AKVIS Airbrush. Воздушная кисть
(Иван Афанасьев, Softkey.info, 09/2013)

В целом, на мой субъективный взгляд, можно сказать, что AKVIS Airbrush вполне справился с задачей имитации техники аэрографии. Конечно, многое еще зависит от манеры письма живописца и еще от многих факторов. Но с виду получившийся рисунок, если его наложить на соответствующий фон и окружение, вполне может ввести в заблуждение неподготовленного зрителя, который примет его за настоящее изображение, например, на борту автомобиля или на стене дома.



AKVIS AirBrush V.5.0
(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 263 v.20.3)

AKVIS Airbrush V.5.0, available both as a Photoshopcompatible plug-in and standalone, simulates the effects of a touch-free air brush or spray gun. Imagine an Elvis painting on velvet, or red and orange flames on the side of a monster truck.

The spectrum of airbrushing media includes ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and gouache. The application of any of a variety of media to a digital image can materially change the perception of the shot from photo-realism to artistic interpretation.


AKVIS AirBrush v.4.0
(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS AirBrush v.4.0 does an incredible job of simulating the effects of using an airbrush or spray gun. The results of applying simple controls are awe-inspiring and nothing short of amazing.


AKVIS AirBrush
(Linda Cameron, The Finder, Mid Columbia Macintosh User Group, 09/2013)

AKVIS specializes in standalone or Plug-in filters which can turn your photos into interesting artwork.

In the old days of film photography, an airbrush was a small, tool used to spray photos using ink and dye. It was to touch up and make a photo look better. Most of the gorgeous models and celebrity photos we see have been "air brushed" but nowadays, using electronic tools in Photoshop.

AKVIS AirBrush comes pre-configured with 40 presets that you can choose from. Each one is editable and you can save your changes and add as new presets.


Akvis AirBrush 2.0
(L. Davenport, Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group, 08/2013)

If you have ever been to a Semitruck show, you probably have seen a lot of airbrush artwork on the sides of the cabs (tractors) or even on the sides of the trailers. They are beautiful. Well if you ever had a hankering to try airbrushing but never got around to it or didn’t have the “mucho dinero” needed for the equipment, here is the next best thing: Akvis AirBrush.