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AKVIS Comunicados de imprensa


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AKVIS Retoucher 9.0: Breathe Life into Damaged Photos! (November 16, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch Video 3.1: Turn Videos into Moving Pencil Sketches! (November 8, 2017) (PDF)

Update of AKVIS Artistic Bundle: Compatibility with Photoshop CC 2018 (October 30, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS SmartMask 10: Now Even More Powerful! Refine Radius Tool (October 11, 2017) (PDF)

New Coffee Pack: Delightful Frame Collection for True Coffee Lovers (October 3, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch Video 3.0: Major Update Available! New Artistic Style (September 26, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 12: Decorate Digital Photos with an Ultimate Ease and Fun! (September 11, 2017) (PDF)

Japan & China Frame Pack: Exotic Allure of the Orient (August 24, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS AirBrush 5.0: New Multicolor Mode and Spray Effect (August 15, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS LightShop 6.0: Make Your Photos Sparkle! (August 2, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Watercolor 2.0: Abstract Masterpieces with a Mouse Click! (July 19, 2017) (PDF)

New Sketch Pack: Inspiring Collection of Creative Picture Frames (July 11, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Refocus 8.0: Fixing Out-Of-Focus Images and Applying Blur Effects (June 29, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Draw 5.0: Now with Blend Modes and Local Processing! (June 13, 2017) (PDF)

New Extreme Frames for True Thrill-Seekers: In Pursuit of Adrenaline Rush (June 1, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS LightShop 5.5: Add Mysterious Alien Lights to Your Photos! (May 29, 2017) (PDF)

Abstract Art Tab in AKVIS OilPaint 6.0: Discover New Creative Possibilities! (May 17, 2017) (PDF)

Provence Frame Collection: Discover the Pastoral Beauty of Southern France! (May 3, 2017) (PDF)

Massive Update of All AKVIS Programs! (April 27, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS NatureArt 9.0: Now with Support for Ultra HD! (April 18, 2017) (PDF)

Fairy-Tale Frames: Add Some Magic to Your Photos! (April 5, 2017) (PDF)

New Effects in AKVIS Refocus 7.0: Motion Blur & Radial Blur (March 29, 2017) (PDF)

New Flower Frames: Get Inspired by the Upcoming Spring Season! (March 6, 2017 (PDF)

AKVIS Points 3.0: Enhanced Pointillism Effect for Your Photos! (February 27, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Pastel 3.0: Instant Abstract Paintings from Your Photos! (February 15, 2017) (PDF)

USA-Inspired Frames: Capturing the Spirit of the American Dream (February 7, 2017 (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch 19: Pencil Drawings from Photos. New Effects & Settings! (January 30, 2017) (PDF)

AKVIS Photo Correction Bundle: Touch up Your Photos in an Instant! Enhancer 15.5, Noise Buster 10.1, Refocus 6.5, HDRFactory 5.5 (January 18, 2017) (PDF)

New Vintage Frames: Add a Touch of Nostalgic Romance to Your Images! (January 10, 2017 (PDF)



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