Comunicados de imprensa de AKVIS


Comunicados de imprensa de AKVIS

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AKVIS ArtSuite 16: Now with Vignette Effect and Batch Processing! (January 22, 2019) (PDF)

New Gothic Frame Pack by AKVIS: Dark Romance in All Its Splendor (January 15, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS NatureArt 11: Let It Snow! Brand New Effect (December 19, 2018) (PDF)

Stay Cozy This Winter with the New Hygge Frame Pack! (December 11, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS OilPaint 8.0: Now with Artistic Edge Effects and 3D Frames! (December 4, 2018) (PDF)

Massive Update: Compatibility with macOS Mojave and Photoshop CC 2019! (November 27, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch Video 4.5: Now Compatible with CC 2019 and macOS Mojave! (November 13, 2018) (PDF)

New Halloween Frames by AKVIS: Spookify Your Photos! (October 30, 2018) (PDF)

Family Pack: Special Picture Frames for Your Heartwarming Memories! (October 9, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Enhancer 16: Revealing Hidden Details in Digital Images (September 27, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Magnifier 9.5: Intelligent Image Resizing without Quality Loss! (September 12, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS SmartMask 10.5: Advanced Selection Techniques and Quick Background Replacement (September 7, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 15: New Color Stripes Effect! (August 21, 2018) (PDF)

Art Nouveau Pack: New Photo Frame Collection for True Art Lovers! (August 14, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtWork 11: Photo to Painting Software. New Pointillism Style! (August 7, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Chameleon 10: Trendy Double Exposure Effect in a Click! (July 24, 2018) (PDF)

Frames 3.0 & Happy Birthday Pack II: Cheerful Designs for Your Special Memories! (July 17, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Draw 7.0: Make Your Photos Look Hand-Drawn! Additional Effects (July 10, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch 20.5: Turn Photos into Stunning Pencil Drawings! (June 27, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS AirBrush 6.0: Even More Creative Possibilities with the Smart Contrast Feature! (June 22, 2018) (PDF)

Tropical Pack: Colorful Journey to a Nature's Paradise! (June 7, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS HDRFactory 6.0: Local Image Correction with the New Pin Tool! (May 22, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 14: 3D Frames and Other New Decoration Options! (May 8, 2018) (PDF)

New Dress Up Pack by AKVIS: Unleash Your Inner Actor! (April 23, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtWork 10: A Variety of Painting Methods in One Software! New Tools and Decoration Features (April 17, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Coloriage 11: Colorizing B&W Photos Is Now a Child's Play! (April 5, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS NatureArt 10: Stars, Meteors, and Nebulae on Your Photos! (March 22, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch Video 4.0: Now with the Brand New Esquisse Style! (March 13, 2018) (PDF)

Steampunk Pack: An Exciting Journey into the World of Victorian Futurism (February 28, 2018) (PDF)

8 Artistic Programs Updated: New Decoration Features! (February 20, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS Decorator 6.0: You've Never Seen Your Photos like This! (February 12, 2018) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 13: Random Patterns Frame, Updated Texture Library! (January 23, 2018) (PDF)

Pin-Up Pack: New Playful and Provocative Picture Frames! (January 16, 2018) (PDF)


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