AKVIS Chameleon v.7.9: Photo Collage Creation At Your Fingertips!


April 12, 2012 — AKVIS announces the release of AKVIS Chameleon v.7.9 for Windows and Macintosh. The program is a true breakthrough in photo collage creation. In most cases it does not require precise selection of the objects and now even the pasted fragment can be adapted to the color range of the target picture to provide a natural photo montage. The software is available as a standalone program as well as a plugin for image editors. Version 7.9 adds compatibility of the plug-in with upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 11, improves compatibility with Corel PaintShop Photo X4, fixes bugs.


AKVIS Chameleon is a photo collage creation software.

This ingenious program makes the process easy and entertaining. Earlier one had to thoroughly select an object before pasting it into a new background; with this software this tedious part of the workflow is no longer a burden. You can concentrate on the creative part and forget about complicated selection techniques.

With AKVIS Chameleon you can have fun in making photo collages!


The software works in four modes: Montage mode, Chameleon mode, Blend mode, and Emersion mode.

Using one of these modes of collage creation, you'll be able to create seamless montages that automatically smooth edges, make the object semi-transparent dissolving the pasted image in the background, etc.

Each mode offers its own unique features. For example, in Chameleon mode, from which the program gets its name, an object is pasted into a picture adapting to the new color range and blending with the background, as chameleons do.

Chameleon in the Fire: Using Chameleon Mode

The software can be helpful to home users who are not experienced in image editing. You can create customized postcards for your loved ones; make a wedding album using all kinds of photos and backgrounds; "open" closed eyes, change the appearance of a person, etc.

Designers will appreciate this program as it allows them to combine images with entirely different color ranges or to create the effect of drawing on a texture surface (crumpled paper, wood, etc), and all that with only a mouse-click.

Check the Tutorial page to get a dozen original ideas.

The software is available in two editions: as a standalone program and as a plugin to image editors.

The plug-in version of AKVIS Chameleon is compatible with Adobe and Corel products and other popular programs.

Version 7.9 adds compatibility of the plug-in version with upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 11, improves compatibility with Corel PaintShop Photo X4, improves image processing, and fixes bugs. See the list of changes here.

AKVIS Chameleon works on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Mac OS X 10.4-10.7, both 32 and 64 bit.

For a free trial, AKVIS offers 10 days of fully functional use. The users who tried the previous version of Chameleon and have their version expired, now have the opportunity to test the software again.

Users of the latest versions (v.5-7) of AKVIS Chameleon can upgrade to version 7.9 for free.

AKVIS Chameleon sells for $75 USD for Home version (either Plugin or Standalone), downloadable from akvis.com. Please consult the comparison table for more details about license types and versions of the software.

Also, users can enjoy the full line of AKVIS products in the AKVIS Alchemy Bundle that includes all 17 products with a great discount - 60% Off.

Creating a Fantasy Character in AKVIS Chameleon, Montage Mode


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Founded in 2004, AKVIS specializes in development of image processing software and Photoshop plug-ins. The company has released a number of successful products. The AKVIS team is enthusiastic about graphics and image processing issues. The company sponsors web-design and digital photography contests. The company offers free licenses to non-profit organizations (heritage foundations and historical societies) involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value.



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