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Akvis Chameleon 10.3

(L. Davenport, Silicon Mountain Macintosh User's Group, 9/2020)

Akvis Chameleon is a photo collage program. Tough it can make a traditional collage (with overlapping photos), Akvis Chameleon can do much more than that.

Evaluation: I was really impressed at how easy it was to use the Akvis Chameleon to combine my images. It was a lot of fun to add tattoos to people, create the weathered graffiti, etc. It is easy to use but powerful enough that advance users will find it a helpful tool. If you are interested, I suggest you download the demo and see if it suits your needs. BTW: The Akvis web site has many Akvis Chameleon examples that you can peruse.


AKVIS Chameleon

(Ionut Ilascu, Softpedia, 4/2019)

AKVIS Chameleon is an intuitive graphic editor built specifically for helping you create various photo collages by overlaying, combining and mixing different images.

During our testing we have noticed that the program is able to create photo collages with excellent image quality and without errors throughout the entire process. It manages to remain light on the system resources, so it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the computer.

All things considered, AKVIS Chameleon can be considered a useful software solution when it comes to creating different photo collages.


AKVIS Chameleon v.9.0

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Chameleon v.9.0 provides four different and unique ways to combine two images. Employing easy-to-use tools the user can combine two images to form a seamless composite (Montage); compose two images so that the inserted object acquires the color range of its background (Chameleon); combine two images such that the foreground image becomes semi-transparent and takes the color range of its background (Blend); and combine two images such that the background appears embedded with the foreground object (Emersion).

These four modes provide a very wide range of creative options, and offer the user diverse capabilities seldom seen in a single application of this kind.


NEW from AKVIS: Chameleon 9

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 12/2016)

As with the other AKVIS programs I have referenced and written about, Chameleon is a powerfully entertaining piece of software. The interface invites exploration and experimentation.

In Montage mode it is possible with a few drawn lines and mouse clicks to select an element or object in one picture, divorce it from its original background, and easily import it into another image.for complex objects it may take more careful selection but the results are worth the effort.

The Blend mode enables the user to create transparencies so that objects from one image can be overlapped onto another image to create interesting layered effects.

In Emersion mode the pasted fragment does not overlay the background, but embeds into the background so that only certain parts of the fragment are visible.

Review: Akvis Chameleon

(Pixelmania, 4/2016)

Akvis Chameleon is een Photoshop plug-in en stand-alone programma voor het op gemakkelijke wijze samenvoegen van fotocollages. Daarmee bedoelt Akvis twee of meer beelden die zo worden opgebouwd dat het net lijkt alsof het onderwerp uit de ene foto echt in de andere foto staat. Wij zouden dan ook eerder het woord fotomontage gebruiken.



Software Review: Two from AKVIS

(Tanya Mattson, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, 5/2012)

I reviewed two pieces of software from AKVIS: Chameleon, which is a photo collage creation application and Artwork, which turns photos into works of art. Both can be stand-alone or Photoshop plug-ins.

Using Chameleon was fun. It can be used to extract an object such as a tree, person, etc. from one photo and insert it into the the other. <...>

If you want to transform your ordinary, run-of-the-mill photos into something new and eye-catching, these two applications can give you a wide range of choices to turn your creativity loose.


Calling All Collage Graduates

(Zoom Street Magazine, 11/2011)

If digital collage and photo montage is your cup of tea, AKVIS Chameleon 7.5 is a wonderful tool that simplifies the process. Instead of creating time-consuming masks and selections, Chameleon does most of the work for you via four modes: Montage; Chameleon; Blend; and Emersion. <...>

What’s cool about this is you don’t have to draw an accurate outline of either area, just a rough scribble seems to do the trick.

Presto! You’re a quick-change artist.


AKVIS Chameleon

(Iris Yoffa, TCS eJournal, 01/2009)

Considering the ease of use and speedy results for this most basic first run, I have to give this a "must try". The four modes provide a variety of ways to combine objects into a most creative result. So, hobbyist or artist, this plug-in can increase your productivity and give your whimsy the tools to express itself.


Create Photo Collages and Montages with AKVIS Chameleon


(brighthub.com, Michele McDonough, 3/2009)

I was very impressed with how quickly and easily it was to perform these tasks within the Chameleon interface. While it is certainly possible to achieve similar results without the use of the plugin, it would take a lot of effort and time as well as a great deal of skill and knowledge concerning the tools in the host editor. Chameleon greatly simplifies the technique, making the entire process more artistic and fun rather than technical and frustrating.

Chameleon tops my list as one of the most useful and fun plugins available on today’s market. The price is very reasonable considering the power of the application. Furthermore, even though the software is easy enough to use that beginners can get started right way, more advanced users will still find that the variety of options found in the utility make many existing tools seem almost obsolete.
This product is definitely worth a try, and you can check it out for free by downloading a fully functional trial version from the AKVIS web site.


AKVIS Chameleon. Photo Collage Creation Software

(Tim Sullivan, Keystone MacCentral Users' Group, 01/2008)

Akvis builds creative tools for digital images. I’ve been exercising Chameleon for the last couple of weeks.

One of the really handy procedures that imaging software can do is to extract a portion of the image. There are two good reasons to isolate a portion of an image: first, it could be combined with another image in a collage, and second, the background can be de-emphasized. <...>

Chameleon does two things that recommend it: it makes extractions almost easy and it blends the foreground and background.<...>

Chameleon sells for $75 — not quite in the shareware range, but very competitive with other like programs. Figure in the easy of use and easy learning curve and this is definitely a winner.


Chameleon Software

(Mary Kuster, D-MAG.org, 12/2007)

Chameleon Software by AKVIS is a digital collaging product that works as a plugin through photo editors like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Corel PhotoPaint, Ulead Photo Impact and such. It is touted as an “efficient tool for photo collage creation.” It certainly is all that. It was hard to break away long enough to write this review.

The plug-in offers three modes of manipulation, montage, chameleon, and blend. The montage technique allows the insertion of an object onto another background with 100% opacity and seamless blending of edges. Chameleon works the object into the background by adjusting its colors to match the background, while retaining most opacity. The blend mode takes it to the next level by blending edges, adjusting the colors and making the object mostly transparent, blending the placed object into the background more completely.


Retoucher & Chameleon

(Club Mac of Hampton, 5/2005)

...the web site provides about two dozen tutorials for various types of tasks, but basically Chameleon helps you place an image from one photo into another. Chameleon does this by automatically adjusting the inserted image to the color range of the destination image and then smoothing the inserted image’s border...


Filters and actions lend life-like effects to your images - Chameleon 2.1

(Jay J. Nelson, The Macworld product experts, 4/2005)

Akvis Chameleon 2.1 simplifies this task by blending an object’s edges realistically into its new background, and adjusting the object’s color and lighting to match the new background...


Chameleon Photoshop Plug-in

(Mark Wiard, Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group, 1/2005)

...apply the Chameleon Plug-in, like magic, the pasted item looks like it belongs there!It does a pretty good job of figuring out what parts of the pasted image to clean up and what parts to leave. It also does a great job of smoothing the edges, and getting rid of halos, the dead giveaway in most image merge operations...


AKVIS Chameleon

(Raúl Ramírez Sánchez, 12/2004)

Este plug-in para Photoshop resulta muy útil a la hora de trabajar en fotocomposiciones o collages. No necesitas ser un experto en selecciones o en ajuste de capas. Tan solo seleccionas, aunque no sea de modo preciso, copias, pegas y al final aplicas el Chameleon...


AKVIS - Chameleon

(PSPUG Staff, 12/2004)

I found this plugin very useful for creating collages and adding components to another picture. I like the way the plugin automatically blends the backgrounds together. The process also changes to some extent the colors of the picture being blended to the background hues of the main picture. This feature though can be used to create some very nice and artful effects...


Akvis bringt mit Chameleon 1.2 ein Plugin für EBV

(digitalkamera.de, 11/2004)

AKVIS Chameleon V.1.2 hebt sich deutlich von anderen Bildverarbeitungsplugins ab, so ist der Hersteller sicher, indem es nämlich das Einfügen neuer Objekte sowie das Ersetzen unerwünschter Artefakte (Bildstörungen) in Digitalfotos vereinfacht und zugleich perfektioniert...


Chameleon Plugin by AKVIS

(Lee Alexander, MUG Monitor, 9/2004)

Chameleon v.1.0 does only one job — blending in components of a structured photo. In action, it behaves like a super cloning tool, doing in seconds what could take hours of hand cloning/blending. I know because I tried it both ways...


Chameleon 1.1. Combine two images as one, with no effort

(Paul Rowlingson, vnunet.com, 9/2004)

With this nifty plugin it's possible to copy any object from one image and have it pasted into another, so that it blends seamlessly with the background, complete with colour adjustment.

The process is extremely quick and doesn't even require you to be accurate with your selection: just point and click. Everything else, including blending colours and changing textures, is done automatically...


Plug-in für Bildbearbeitungsprogramme

(Von Birgit Gotz, pcwelt.de, 8/2004)

Mit Chameleon 1.1 sollen sich Objekte so in ein Bild einfügen lassen, dass sie sich an die Farbpalette anpassen und mit dem Hintergrund sozusagen verschmelzen. Damit können Sie beispielsweise einen Effekt erzeugen, als hätten Sie ein Motiv auf eine Textur wie zerknülltes Papier oder Holz gemalt...


AKVIS Chameleon 1.0

(Simon Baillie, Sharewarejunkies.com)

Yet again more amazing software from the very talented programmers at AKVIS . Extremely easy to use with superb results.

With this you copy an object, insert it into another picture, press the button and the object adjusts to the new background as chameleons do - adapting to the new color range and blending with the environment.. The program has many uses from building a collage to creating greetings cards, only your imagination limits the possibilities.