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(Elizabeta Virlan, Softpedia, March 28, 2019)

AKVIS Neon is a comprehensive and powerful picture editor, which allows you to enhance your photos by applying impressive glowing effects to them. The software supports both individual image enhancing as well as batch photo editing, being able to perform the task in a short time. No advanced knowledge in graphics editors is required.

AKVIS Neon allows you to apply impressive light effects to your images and turn them into greeting cards, invitations or postcards. The software supports batch processing and allows you to perform it in a quick and easy manner. Since the effect overlay is uniform, you do not need to worry about extra objects in your images.


AKVIS Neon: Leuchtende Neon-Bilder erstellen

(CHIP, 12/2017)
"AKVIS Neon" ist einfach zu bedienen, überzeugt dabei aber dennoch mit
gelungenen Ergebnissen. Für alle Fans von leuchtenden Neon-Bildern
lohnt sich der Test der kostenfreien Demo-Version definitiv."

Fabian Vogler | CHIP Software-Redaktion

Erstellen Sie mit "AKVIS Neon" aus ganz normalen Fotos mit wenig Aufwand faszinierend leuchtende Neon-Bilder.

Leuchtend bunte Neon-Bilder machen einiges her, sind aber auch recht schwer zu fotografieren. Damit Sie aus ganz normalen Fotos mit geringem Aufwand gelungene Leuchtbilder machen, kommt "AKVIS Neon" mit einigen nützlichen Features.


AKVIS Neon 2.5

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 01/2017)

AKVIS Neon creates sparkling drawings that look like they were drawn with light or luminescent ink. Like other AKVIS programs, Neon 2.5 is highly entertaining and productive at the same time; it does not require any special skills to be used effectively. <...>

The thing to remember is that every button and tool in the Neon program opens up a whole new feature or expands the ability of the program to create unique special effects. The program invites exploration and renders your images within a few seconds.


Neon photo app imparts a holiday spirit to your images

(Jackie Dove,, 12/2014)

Just in time for holiday festivities comes the new AKVIS Neon, a special effects software package that makes your images glow.

AKVIS Neon lets you create striking glowing line effects that transform photos into shining drawings with painterly attributes for a festive look — great for holiday cards, invitations or family newsletters. You can create eye-catching luminous backgrounds, abstract paintings, illustrations for photo books, posters, flyers and more.

The software is highly customizable, letting you create a glowing image or a dramatic landscape or portrait, or simply outline edges to make a picture more personal and expressive.