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NatureArt v.9.1

Fenómenos naturales en sus fotos

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AKVIS NatureArt — Fenómenos naturales en sus fotos :

AKVIS NatureArt 9
(L. Davenport, http://www.smmug.org/, Silicon Summit, 6/2017)

In a perfect world you would be able to get that “perfect” shot/photo every time. But this isn’t a perfect world, so sometimes your photo needs a little tweaking to get the look that you want. That’s where AKVIS NautreArt comes in handy. Need a rainy sky with magnificent lightning bolts - no problem. Need a burning field or fire for your camp fire pit - again no problem. AKVIS NatureArt can add these plus many other nature effects to your photos.

The AKVIS NatureArt effects are not limited to photos. They can also be use to make 3D renders more interesting.


Enhance Mother Nature with special effects from AKVIS NatureArt
(Jackie Dove, thenextweb.com, The Creativity Channel, 7/2014)

Go ahead and add nature effects to your photos — Mother Nature won’t mind.

AKVIS, the folks behind the new Pastel app, has updated its NatureArt package with a host of new features and fixes. The app simulates natural phenomena in your digital photos, letting you do everything from changing seasons to brightening a dark landscape, or adding special effects like rain, fog, ice, fire, frost, lightning, rainbow and more to create a surreal scene. Each effect has presets for quick results.


[PRISE EN MAINS] Akvis NatureArt 4, la nature en pixels
(Laurent Katz, Le Monde de la Photo, 12/2011 - francés)

Ces éléments qualifiés de phénomènes par le logiciel sont les nuages, la pluie, la foudre, le soleil, l’eau, le feu, la glace, le givre… Une bonne base, non pas pour améliorer des photos un peu plates, mais pour réaliser des photomontages, créer des images sinon surréalistes du moins surprenantes. D’ailleurs, l’application de plusieurs effets passe par des allers-retours entre Photoshop et le plug-in.


Create Lightning, Clouds, Stars and Other Effects with NatureArt
(Michele McDonough, Bright Hub, 9/2011)

Whether you're looking for a tool to help you create nature-based textures or you want to dress up bland skies in your digital photos, NatureArt is worth checking out. In this review, we'll take a deeper look at some of the many different capabilities of this great little program.


I definitely recommend taking advantage of the 10-day free trial and testing out NatureArt for yourself. With such a wide range of possibilities for its use, the application is quite reasonably priced and will certainly fill some gaps in your collection of image editing tools. In fact, if a preview window and a few more presets were added to NatureArt, I think it would be pretty close to perfect.


AKVIS NatureArt
(CHIP, 01/2011 - alemán)

Mit "Akvis NatureArt" peppen Sie Ihre Fotos mit Natur-Effekten auf.

Ideal für die kleine Bildmanipulation zwischendurch. Sonnenstrahlen, Regen, Blitz & Co. lassen sich mit wenigen Mausklicks in ausgewählte Fotos hineinretuschieren...

Redaktions-Bilderstrecke (Ejemplos).


AKVIS NatureArt
(Geetesh Bajaj, Indezine, 11/2010)

AKVIS NatureArt is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in that contains 6 nature-specidic visual effects. With these effects, you can create natural phenomena on your pictures. Other than applying the effect on the pictures you can apply the effects directly on the blank background, for example convert a blank background into a sea view, sun, lightning bolt, rain, and snow. Effects can be saved as presets for future use.


AKVIS NatureArt - BEST 2010 SOFT
(PC Magazine Russian Edition, 10/2010)

AKVIS NatureArt was awarded the "Best of Soft 2010" prize of PC Magazine/RE.


AKVIS NatureArt
Fenómenos naturales en sus fotos



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