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AKVIS Points

(Giorgiana Arghire, Softpedia, 03/2019)

There are many applications out there that can help you make the most of your digital pictures, ranging from removing the red-eye effect or noise, to rotating, cropping or adjusting the brightness.

However, if you are looking for more artistic enhancements, you can try AKVIS Points as it applies the pointillism technique and makes your images look like masterpieces.

All in all, AKVIS Points makes it easy for everyone, no matter if they are PC experts or beginners, to enhance their digital pictures and generate genuine masterpieces that seem created by professional painters.


AKVIS Points 3.0

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 03/2017)

The program offers the choice between a flat paper and a rough surface that makes the impression even more vivid. <...>

The pointillism is applied in steps, creating a series of illustrations that are kept on display in a bin below the main image. It takes a mouse click to return from the finished product to any of these images and the number of saved steps is set in the program preferences. <...>

The Presets are similar in operation but sufficiently different to provide a very wide range of possible instant effects, enough to cover just about any possible artistic intention.


AKVIS Points V.2.0

(Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report in Digital Publishing, MMXVII, No. 262 v.21.1)

AKVIS Points V.2.0 enables the rapid application of the Pointillism painting technique, consisting dots or spots of color, to digital images. The user simply imports an image and can then quickly apply any of more than two dozen presets <...>.


Software Review - AKVIS Points v1.0

(Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, 06/2015)

Over the years, many reviews of different software packages have appeared in these pages. The more recent ones have been on different image editing tools and applications, due to the overwhelming adoption of digital cameras and our Digital Photo SIG.

A fair number of them have been on the AKVIS products. This review showcases their newest product addition, Points. <...>

Points is a fast and easy way to turn your photos into works of art that would be hard to achieve by other methods. Get the trial version and see for yourself.