New Pets Frame Pack - 60 Cute and Funny Frames for Your Pets Photos!


February 26, 2015 — AKVIS announces a new frame pack for AKVIS ArtSuite. The program allows users easily decorate their photos with frames and effects. Extra frame packs can be installed to the program to increase its functionality. The new Pets Pack includes 60 lovely frames.


AKVIS has released a new set of frames - the Pets Pack, created exclusively for use in AKVIS ArtSuite!

The ArtSuite software lets you easily frame your photographs. You can add extra themed frame packs to the program to increase its functionality and enrich the built-in Library.

The ready-to-use photo frames save you time and efforts and grant high quality results. With the release of the new set, 18 themed packs are now available for ArtSuite.

The new frame collection is an ideal choice for any animal lover.
Frame your pet's photos! Pets Frames

The Pets Pack includes 60 hand painted frames of excellent quality for photographs of your pets. You can preview the new frames in the official web-site.

We feel deep affection towards our cats, dogs, fish, parrots, and other pets; we pamper them and treat them like full members of our family. We like to share their photos with friends, we set them as wallpaper on a phone screen or just put on a bookshelf.

This unique set of frames is designed specifically for pictures of domestic animals and pets. You can frame photos of your pet with nature decorations, surround it by furry and feathered friends, by its favorite toys, food and treats.

The field of application of the frames extends beyond pets images. These funny, lively, amusing designs can be used for decorating any photos, for example, for pictures of your baby or shots from a themed party; or for preparing invitations to exhibitions, tradeshows, and fairs.

Professional photographers can take advantage of the new frame collection as well.


The frame packs can only be used in the AKVIS ArtSuite Standalone program (with Home Standalone, Home Deluxe, Business licenses). A frame pack can be added to ArtSuite by placing the archive into a folder specified in the program's preferences.

AKVIS ArtSuite, with all its frame packs, runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 and on Mac OS X 10.6-10.10. The program is available for the 10-day trial period free of charge.

The ArtSuite Standalone Application sells for $69; the price of the new frame pack is $15.


AKVIS ( specializes in development of image processing software. Since the company's launch in 2004, it has released a number of successful products: standalone applications and Photoshop plugins for Windows and Mac.



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