Update of AKVIS Artistic Bundle: Sketch 13.5, ArtWork 6.5, ArtSuite 8.0 — CS6 Compatibility!


May 14, 2012 — AKVIS is glad to announce the update of three artistic programs: Sketch 13.5, ArtWork 6.5, ArtSuite 8.0. Bugs have been fixed, and the plug-in versions are now compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6.



Three AKVIS programs for artistic effects creation and photo decoration have been updated! We are glad to release AKVIS Sketch v.13.5, AKVIS ArtWork v.6.5, and AKVIS ArtSuite v.8.0.


Bugs have been fixed, and the plug-in versions are now compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and with the upcoming Photoshop Elements 11.

All of these products are available in two variants: as plugins and as standalone applications, on Windows and Macintosh. They can be purchased as separate products, downloadable from AKVIS.com, as well as in the software bundles.


AKVIS Sketch converts digital photos to amazing pencil drawings. It creates realistic color and B&W drawings, imitates the technique of graphite and color pencil, adds the charcoal and watercolor effects. The software offers to choose between these photo-to-sketch conversion styles: Classic and Artistic.
Now you do not need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist. All you need to create your original work of art is good taste and AKVIS Sketch.

Download AKVIS Sketch v.13.5!

AKVIS ArtWork is photo to painting software, it is designed to imitate different painting techniques (Oil, Watercolor, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut, Pastel). ArtWork helps you to create a piece of art out of any digital photo.
Create an oil portrait of your friend, a landscape painting or a still life picture. Express yourself in new genres!

Download AKVIS ArtWork v.6.5!

AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile effects for photos. The effects are grouped as Frames and Effects. ArtSuite contains many templates and texture samples that can be used to create a virtually limitless variety of options for generating frames.
Decorate a photo to give it an original and festive look!

Download AKVIS ArtSuite v.8.0!

Registered users of Sketch v.9-13, ArtWork v.1-6, ArtSuite v.1-7.5 can upgrade to the newest versions for free. Download the new versions using the links above.
Only users who own Sketch in versions 1-8 need to pay for an upgrade to the current version (13.5).

AKVIS offers to download and evaluate all features of the software during the 10-day trial period.
Users who tried the previous versions of the programs and whose versions have expired now have an opportunity to test the software again.


AKVIS specializes in development of image processing software and scientific research. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development. Since then the company has released a number of successful programs. AKVIS works constantly to upgrade its software in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology.




About the programs:


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