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AKVIS Decorator 7.0 | Aplique nueva textura y color

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(Bare Essentials Magazine, 2012)

Decorator’s rich library of textures allows the artist to create realistic visuals and unique graphics coloured with a touch of nature.

The latest release of Decorator from AKVIS (specialists in the development of image processing software and scientific research), adds depth to design with extensive collection of textures.

The new edition boasts close too 2,000 textures, supports more file formats and an improved interface - compatible with software updates.


Akvis Decorator Review

(Karl Hodge,, 23.10.2007)

Akvis Decorator – may sound like a brand of household paint, but it’s actually a clever plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, from the same people that brought you Coloriage. While the latter helps you add colour to images that have none, Decorator helps you realistically change colours and textures that are already in place. It’s easy to do this in Photoshop when the image you’re editing is a flat, two dimensional design. Decorator enables you to wrap textures around the contours of any object though, following folds and bumps as though in 3D.


Akvis Decorator 1.2

(L. Davenport,, 20.01.2007)

Akvis Decorator is a Photoshop plug-in that lets you apply a texture or color to the surface of your graphic. Want your sports car to look like it is covered in snake scales? Want to see what your kitchen or drapes would look like in a different color-then check out Akvis Decorator.
At first I was wondering why would I need this plug-in when Photoshop already has a bucket fill tool? Well as I investigated further I discovered that unlike the bucket fill, Decorator follows (rather than covers over) the original graphic’s underlying features i.e. the folds and creases of material, thus giving you a more natural look.
As with Akvis’ other plug-ins, Decorator has a Before and After tab that lets you see if you are getting the desired results before applying the modifications to your original graphic.



( - alemán)

Objekte umdekorieren, dieser Aufgabe widmet sich das neueste Plug-in von Akvis. Decorator versieht das in Photoshop markierte Objekt mit einer neuen Oberflächenstruktur. Das Programm versucht, das möglichst natürlich zu tun und die Oberflächenbeschaffenheit des bemusterten Objekts beizubehalten. Die räumlichen Formen sollten bewahrt und der Schattenwurf unverändert bleiben