AKVIS Sketch for Photo Kiosks: Bringing Creativity to Convenience


August 25, 2010 — AKVIS has released a Photo Kiosk version of its successful program AKVIS Sketch. AKVIS Sketch converts digital photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings. Now there is a commercial version for mini-labs and self-service photo printing devices. Thanks to the photo kiosk license, those who are not familiar with photo-editing can convert their photos into drawings and then print them immediately. Since the program offers the possibility to add the texture of a canvas or other surfaces, the effect will be perfect.

One license permits you to install the software on five digital photo stations.


A photo kiosk is a convenient tool for printing digital photos quickly and easily. It is ideal for those who want to process photos, but do not have experience photo-editing or do not own a computer. With AKVIS Sketch installed, you not only can print digital photos, but also try creative variations, such as a pencil drawing of a portrait, or a water color drawing of a landscape with a canvas texture.

Thanks to the Photo Kiosk license, those who are unfamiliar with photo editing can easily convert their photos into drawings and print them immediately.

The Photo Kiosk license is a commercial license for mini-labs and self-service photo-printing devices. One license permits the installation of the software on 5 devices (digital photo stations). One license costs $750 USD.

The Photo Kiosk version provides the functionality of the Sketch and Canvas tabs. Your customers will not only enjoy converting photo-to-sketch conversion of their photos but also the imitation of a drawing on canvas, corrugated paper, a wall, etc.

The program’s standard interface will not be visible. The parameters can be adjusted after installation using the command line and configuration files.

The Photo Kiosk license cannot be used for online services. Remote processing is not allowed.

The license costs $750 USD and can be purchased here.

This license does not have a trial version. The functionality of the program can be tested with the standard version (10 days free of charge).


AKVIS specializes in development of image processing software and scientific research. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development. Since then the company has released a number of successful programs. AKVIS works constantly to upgrade its software in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Now AKVIS enters the market of photo kiosks and photo labs.





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