AKVIS ArtSuite v. 7.5: New Festive Frames For Your Photos!


Nov 22, 2011 — AKVIS announces the update of AKVIS ArtSuite to version v.7.5. ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile effects for decorating photos. In Version 7.5 new patterns and textures have been added to the library. Most of these are festive (holiday) patterns. They are ideal for creating a delightful Christmas card or adding some holiday magic to a photo. The library has also been reorganized and is easier to use.


The holiday season has arrived again. It's a time of optimism and good cheer, and is often expressed in very creative ways. When you are caught in such a mood, wouldn't it be nice to have an easy way to show your creative side? Perhaps you would like to take your ordinary photos and turn them into a festive greeting card or add a lovely holiday frame. With AKVIS ArtSuite you can do these things and so much more.

AKVIS ArtSuite not only offers edge effects for adding frames to your digital photos, but also is constantly enriched with new artistic effects as well. Thanks to the large number of effects and a rich Texture Library, the software can generate an endless variety of effect versions.

In Version 7.5, the choices in the Library have become even greater. New patterns and textures have been added. Most of these are festive (holiday) patterns. These along with the already robust selection in the Library give you a multitude of effect combinations!

The Library has also been reorganized. New groups have been added under Classic ("Nature", "Post Stamps") and Pattern ("Halloween", "Christmas & NY", "Happy Birthday", "St. Valentine", etc.).

Available as a stand-alone product and a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other editors on Windows and Macintosh, AKVIS ArtSuite helps everyone to decorate digital photos, create original postcards, personalized desktop wallpapers, etc.

Let ArtSuite bring your creative imagination to life!

The effects in ArtSuite are grouped in two categories - Frames and Effects:

Frames (edge effects) can be used to create a photo frame for a digital photo. It can be a classic frame with an elegant wood carving or a light-hearted frame composed of some cheerful frogs along the border. The photo frame samples that come with ArtSuite can be easily tailored to any photo. Select a color for the frame; choose its form, its style, brightness, and the intensity of the applied edge effect.

You can also create a frame with ragged edges, a scratched surface, a page curl, ice crystals, etc. It is also possible to load user created patterns and textures to create a unique photo frame.

Artistic effects lets you experiment with photos. Convert a photo into a B&W image and then add a shade of color to it. Replace colors in an image, add a texture (chosen from the built-in Texture Library or one created by the user) to make the image appear as if it has been drawn on a canvas, brick wall, corrugated paper, or other surfaces.

With the Standalone edition of AKVIS ArtSuite it's not only possible to create frames from samples, but also by using hand painted frames. These are high quality images with holes of any shape, in which to place photos. Some frames are included in ArtSuite. You can create your own hand painted frames or download them in frame packs. AKVIS offers a free set of frames (30 enchanting designs for any occasion), as well as the Wedding, Travel, Sports, St. Valentine, and ideal for this season, Christmas frame packs, each containing 50 high quality hand painted frames. These themed packs are offered at a price and are intended for professionals, as well as those who are interested in quality design photo frames.
Please note that these frames are only available in the Standalone version for technical reasons.

AKVIS ArtSuite Version 7.5 runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP and on Mac OS X 10.4-10.7.

The plug-in edition is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc.

A fully featured free evaluation download of AKVIS ArtSuite is available at akvis.com.

The free frame pack, which does not require registration, can be used with ArtSuite even during the evaluation period.

Registered users of AKVIS Artsuite can upgrade to version 7.5 for free.

AKVIS ArtSuite Plugin sells for $ 49 USD; AKVIS ArtSuite Standalone for $ 69 USD.

Also, users can enjoy the full line of AKVIS products in the AKVIS Alchemy bundle (Retoucher, Chameleon, MultiBrush, Enhancer, Refocus, Coloriage, Noise Buster, Sketch, Decorator, LightShop, ArtSuite, SmartMask, Magnifier, ArtWork, NatureArt, Refocus, and HDRFactory) with a great discount (60% Off).

AKVIS ArtSuite is also part of the AKVIS Artistic bundle (Sketch, ArtWork, and ArtSuite), which sells with a discount of 30%. Visit the official website to see prices for alternate versions of the bundles.


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Founded in 2004, AKVIS specializes in development of image processing software and Photoshop plug-ins. The company has released a number of successful products. The AKVIS team is enthusiastic about graphics and image processing issues. The company sponsors web-design and digital photography contests. The company offers free licenses to non-profit organizations (heritage foundations and historical societies) involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value.




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