AKVIS SmartMask v.2.0 Makes Masking and Selecting Image Areas Easy and Fun


June 11, 2008 — AKVIS announces the release of AKVIS SmartMask v.2.0, an all-in-one image selection and masking tool for Windows and Mac platforms. Featuring seamless selection of parts of images such as people and objects, AKVIS SmartMask helps to make stunning pictures out of ordinary snapshots.


The new selection tool effectively replaces popular selection tools such as lasso, quick mask and selection brush with three unique selection modes. The three selection modes offer different levels of automation, and will satisfy both amateur and professional users. The new release makes selection even easier with the introduction of keyboard hot-keys and pop-up hints.

AKVIS SmartMask is a plug-in for old and new versions of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and other image editors.

Making a selected object blend smoothly with background is never easy. Rough edges or imperfect area of selection with a lasso make pasted objects look foreign on the background. Making color or tonal adjustments to a selected area require an even more careful selection, while designing collages or photo montages require thorough selection of each object. AKVIS SmartMask effectively replaces standard selection tools such as lasso, quick mask and selection brush by making it easy to anyone to produce a perfect collage out of ordinary snapshots. The selection tool is enriched with powerful selection algorithms while being easier to use than standard selection tools built into any graphic editor.

Using AKVIS SmartMask is so simple that it feels like being a child in drawing class. There are two pencils, red and blue. Simply drawing a line with the blue pencil inside the object being selected, and then outlining the same object with the red pencil defines areas that should be selected and ones to be cut out. The selection algorithm analyzes the image and your drawing, and creates the selection or mask that you want - understanding where the borders of the object end automatically.

AKVIS SmartMask features three unique selection modes tailored to different types of selection: Sharp, Soft, and Complex.

The Sharp mode is the simplest to use, while providing perfect selection results when used on clearly defined objects such as people against quiet backgrounds. The Soft mode adds a third green pencil that helps to define the really difficult parts such as fluff, hair, fur, or leaves. The Complex more allows using a touch-up brush to perfect your selection by hand.

When pasted to a different picture, an image can look alien due to color cast. If objects are not evenly lighted on a picture, the cutout object can pick up shades and colors reflected from nearby objects such as grass or trees. AKVIS SmartMask can automatically get rid of the color cast left on the cutout object by analyzing both the selection and the outside area, and making appropriate color adjustments.

AKVIS SmartMask plugin makes selected areas blend seamlessly with background. Whether editing pictures for fun or designing complex collages, AKVIS SmartMask will make the process fun and easy, while enhancing any picture with precise, smooth selections. Visit AKVIS.com to download a free trial version of the newest image selection tool!


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