Apply Pointillism Effect to Your Photos with AKVIS Points 1.0!


March 25, 2015 — AKVIS announces the release of its new software product for Windows and Mac, available as a standalone application and as a Photoshop plugin filter. AKVIS Points 1.0 turns images into pointillism paintings.


AKVIS extends its product line with the new artistic program AKVIS Points.

The new software transforms photos into paintings using one of the most exciting artistic techniques — pointillism.

This painting technique is characterized by applying of separate brush strokes in the form of dots or spots. A complex hue is decomposed into individual colors, which are displayed on the canvas as dotted strokes, small dabs of paint of pure color. The optical mixing of these dots gives us the visual perception of an entire painting.

With the AKVIS Points software you can easily create gorgeous works of art. Make paintings in the style of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac! Discover the world of bright colors!

The software includes ready-to-use presets for the pointillism effect which help you start working. It's possible to create your own presets by saving your favorite photo-to-painting settings.

The program offers the choice between a flat paper and a rough surface that makes the impression even more vivid. It's also possible to add a signature, an inscription, or a copyright watermark to the picture.

The software supports the Batch Processing feature which helps you to automatically convert a series of images with the same effect settings. It is useful when you need to create a number of paintings at the same style for a book or a blog or to convert a video into a cartoon with the pointillism technique.

For a free trial, AKVIS offers 10 days of fully functional use.
Download AKVIS Points v.1.0 and evaluate the software during the trial period without registration.

The software runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win 8 and on Mac OS X 10.6-10.10. It is available as a standalone program and as a plugin filter for Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, and other image editors.

AKVIS Points, Home license, sells for $49. The functionality of the program depends on the license type. Consult the official website for more details about license types and versions of the software. The loyal AKVIS customers can buy the new product with great discounts.


AKVIS ( specializes in development of image processing software and scientific research. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development. Since then the company has released a number of successful programs.



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