AKVIS LightShop 5.5: Add Mysterious Alien Lights to Your Photos!


May 29, 2017 — AKVIS announces the release of AKVIS LightShop 5.5 for Windows and Mac OS X. The software creates impressive light effects in a fast and uncomplicated way. The new version features a number of new presets added to the already extensive collection.


AKVIS LightShop is a powerful and versatile program for generating brilliant light and star effects. The program lets you create extreme luminous supergiant stars, radiant skylights, festive fireworks, dramatic sunbursts, otherworldly glowing moon, colorful stage lights, magical shimmers, glittering sparkles, and much more - just about anything you can conjure up in your imagination!

A major advantage of the software is the ability to quickly and easily fine-tune any light element in the Advanced mode. For beginners and those who prefer a simpler approach, the software offers the Express mode with the reduced settings palette.

Version 5.5 includes new futuristic light effects reminiscent of UFO landings lights, starburst, laser beams, and neon flashes. Take advantage of ready-to-use presets to make your photos look extraordinary!


In Version 5.5:


Download AKVIS LightShop 5.5 and evaluate all features of the software during the 10-day trial period!

The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; and on Mac OS X 10.7-10.12; both 32- and 64-bit operating systems. The product is available as a standalone application and as a Photoshop plugin filter.

AKVIS LightShop 5.5 Home sells for $72, Deluxe for $99, Business for $185. One license key allows activating and using the software on two computers.

It is a free upgrade for recent buyers as well for those who bought 1 Year of Updates during the last 12 months! Users, whose license is not valid for the new version, can get LightShop 5.5 for only $14.95.


AKVIS (akvis.com) specializes in development of image and video processing software. Since the company's launch in 2004, it has released a number of successful products: standalone applications and Photoshop plugins for Windows and Mac.



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