October 15, 2004
For Immediate Release
AKVIS LLC announces the release of AKVIS Stamp V.1.2,
with a new operational mode for added flexibility in digital photo retouching.

AKVIS Stamp Gets a Retouch with the Addition of Edit Mode

AKVIS Stamp, originally released in September 2004, is a digital image processing plug-in for removing unwanted elements in digital photos by automatically adjusting “patches” to the color range, texture and brightness of the target background. With a simple user interface and minimal steps to follow, AKVIS Stamp is a versatile healing tool for removal of wrinkles, scars, scratches and pores from digital portraits, and performs seamless cloning in photos without the tedium of hand-blending.

New to version 1.2 is a unique Edit Mode, useful for cloning large fragments or when it is impossible to clone an area in one step. In the prior version, cloned objects were fused automatically when the user released the mouse button. The new version’s Edit Mode will not fuse the cloned area with the background until the Edit Mode is deactivated, allowing multiple revisions such as changing the size of the stamp, indicating another source for cloning, making clones out of different parts of the image, or removal of unnecessary parts of the cloned area before making the changes permanent. When all the details of a retouch are complete, the user switches off the Edit Mode, and all the cloned areas are flawlessly integrated. Demonstrations of AKVIS Stamp’s features are available at http://akvis.com/en/stamp-tutorial/index.php.

Users of the newer releases of Adobe Photoshop have Healing Brush at their disposal, but the Edit Mode of AKVIS Stamp adds a superior healing tool to Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Ulead PhotoImpact, ACD FotoCanvas and Picture Publisher Pro, etc. For users of earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop (V.5 and 6, which do not have Healing Brush), AKVIS Stamp updates their software almost to V.7 functionality for a great price, and with an intelligent program interface for users of all levels of skill. AKVIS Stamp runs on Microsoft Windows? 98/ME/2000/XP/NT.

AKVIS Stamp sells for $49.00 USD, but is also available as part of the AKVIS Restoration Bundle, packaged with AKVIS Retoucher, an $87.00 USD value. AKVIS Restoration Bundle sells for only $109.00 USD, saving $27.00 USD over buying each plug-in separately.

For a free trial, AKVIS offers 10 days to play with the fully functional program. Details at http://akvis.com/en/stamp/download-image-healing.php .

AKVIS LLC was founded in 2004 by software development professionals with a philosophy that value and simplicity nurtures creativity. AKVIS has produced several successful software plug-ins for digital image processing. AKVIS Stamp V.1.2 joins AKVIS Chameleon, AKVIS Enhancer and AKVIS Retoucher, innovative software for helping photography tell the most beautiful stories.

More information about AKVIS Stamp: http://akvis.com/en/stamp/index.php

Direct evaluation download URL: http://akvis.com/download/akvis-stamp-setup.exe

Screenshot URL: http://akvis.com/en/stamp/screenshots-image-healing.php